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Region: USA: California Coast  |  Southern California


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USA: California Coast - The California Coast offers SCUBA divers cold to moderate temperatures which sustain a spectacular variety of sea life. This diving region includes dive sites and galleries in Monterey, Catalina, the Channel Islands and the California Coast.
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Point Defiance West Wall
Point Defiance, Tacoma, WA
Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Difficulty: Advanced
Entry: None Shore Entry , Boat Access
Attractions: Wall

Point Defiance West Wall is an exciting boat dive near Owen Beach at Point Defiance in Tacoma. It boasts tall clay walls, dropping from 30 at the top to 60-80 at the base and is relatively sheltered from incoming tides (in other words it is divable during a low to moderate floods). The face of the wall is riddled with clam holes that have marred the face so that very little of the current swept wall is smooth. These holes make great homes for small creatures like nudibranchs, scallops and sculpin, while sea stars cling to the surface in search of their next meal. Rockfish and schools of perch swim in and out of the crevices. Due to the clay substrate and heavy current, invertebrate life growing on the wall is limited, but the grandeur of the wall more than compensates.

An alternative dive profile would be to do a drift dive during a small ebb (out-going tide) and wrap around the point into the shelter Point Defiance North Wall. The contour brings you naturally to North wall is easy to do. The opposite is possible during a flood (head from North wall, around the point to West Wall).

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