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Region: USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Hood Canal


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USA: Pacific Northwest - The cold, emerald waters of the Pacific Northwest are a real treat for Scuba diving. This region of the website includes dive sites and galleries in the Puget Sound, Hood Canal, the San Juans, and the Oregon and Washington coasts. Divers in the Pacific Northwest are presented a large variety of life, ample dive locations, and dynamic diving opportunities such as walls, bull kelp forests, drift dives and dive parks.
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Gedney Island Barges
Gedney Island, WA
Type: Saltwater
Difficulty: Advanced
Entry: Difficult Shore Entry , Boat Access
Attractions: Multiple Large Wooden BargesLarge Wreck,

The Gedney Island Barges (locally known as Hat Island Barges) are a collection of very large wooden barges in varying states of decay that sank on the northwest point of Gedney Island. The barges are dynamic and home to a variety of fish and scattered invertebrates.

To dive this site start in shallow water to the east of the marina (out of the way of the entrance) in about 20’of water and descend the very steep silty slope westward toward the marina entrance. The two main barges here appear to be end to end starting about 50 ft and continue to about 110 ft deep. Descending down to about 70 ft and then turning north will assure that you encounter the wrecks. The barges are in better condition as you get deeper, with the deepest being nearly fully intact. There are shallower barges both to the north and south of the marina entrance. The one to the north runs from 30 ft up to 10 ft and is very decayed. Another to the south is in about 40 ft. Safety stops can be done at one of the shallow barges.

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