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Region: Canada: West Coast  |  Nanaimo


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Canada: West Coast - The Canada West Coast region of the website includes dive sites and galleries in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Sydney, Victoria, Nanaimo and other popular Canadian west coast dive destinations. These cold waters offer an abundance of life and diving experiences including spectacular reefs, magnificent walls and exciting wrecks.
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Waterman's Wall
Port Orchard, WA
Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Difficulty: Advanced, Technical
Entry: None Shore Entry , Boat Access
Attractions: Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves

This wall has the three D's. Itís deep, dark, and dangerous. If you are an accomplished diver and like walls, you need to dive here. If you are an intermediate diver, you should find a charter or someone to take you and help you have a safe dive. This wall is much more rugged than most Puget Sound walls. It has lots of jagged features with shelves, cracks, boulders and such. It gives you the sense of mountain climbing under water as this cliff would look at home on a Cascade mountain. The top of the wall starts at 50-70 feet. It is jagged, so the depth depends on where you hit it. The bottom is 130-175 feet, at least from what I saw. My last dive here was to 150 feet and I couldnít see the bottom. There are scallops, giant barnacles and many starfish to represent some of the invertebrates. Rockfish, Sculpin, Cabazon, Lingcod, Octo's, and Wolf eels can be found here too. If you are lucky, you may even see a Red Brotula.

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