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Jeremy Chevalier
Posts: 4483
Auburn, WA
Dive Level: Master Diver
Diving Since: 2007

I enjoy working on this site amost as much as SCUBA diving, my two great passions. I started working on this websites after I received my Open Water certification as a way to organize all the research and content I gathered about dive sites so that it could be shared with others. As it began to grow into a valuable resource, a couple of my regular dive buddies and friends began helping too. It has grown into a passion for me.

I contribute so heavily to this site because I envision a single location to find useful resources for local divers to plan their dives and share info.

Sites Entered

100 Foot Rock
Abalone Cove
Agate Beach County Park
Agate Pass
Alki , Cove 2
Alki , Cove 3
Alki Boat Launch
Alki Junkyard
Alki Pipeline
Arch Rock
Bachelor Rock
Bell Island
Blake Island Reef
Boeing Creek Reef
Brotchie Ledge
Brown Rock
Browning Pass
Butterfly House
Cat Rock
Cathedral Cove
Clover Point
Coffin Rocks
Colvos Rocks
Coral Reef
Cutts Island
Dalco Wall
Dash Point
Dash Point Pier
Day Island Wall
Dead Man's Wall
Deadman Bay
Deception Island - West Side
Deception Pass
Deer Creek
Des Moines Wreck
Doe Bay
Doe Island
Driftwood Bottle Field
Duwamish Head
Eagle Cove
Eagle Wall
Ediz Hook
Ed's Fault
Fisguard Island
Flagpole Point
Fort Flagler Fishing Reef
Fort Warden Science Center
Four Mile Rock Barges
Fox Island Bridge
Fox Island Ferry Landing
Fox Island, East Wall
Fox Island, West Wall
Frost Island
Gedney Island Barges
Gedney Island Fishing Reef
Goby Garden
Harper's Ferry - Pier
Harrison’s Reef
Heisler Park
Hood Canal Pinnacle
Illahee Tire Reef
Itsami Reef
Klas Rock
KVI Tower
La Jolla Canyon
Landing Cove
Langley Tire Reef
Leo Carrillo
Lime Kiln Point
Lincoln Park
Long Island
Malga Cove
Mats Mats Quarry
Misery Point Reef
Mohawk Reef
Monastery, North
Monastery, South
Mono Lobo Wall
Moss Street
Norrander's Reef
North Beach Reef
Observatory Point Reef
Octopus Hole
Odlin County Park
Oil Platform Grace
Orchard Rocks
Owen Beach
Point Defiance West Wall
Point Lobos, Cannery Wall
Point Lobos, Middle Reef in Whaler’s Cove
Point Vincente
Point Wilson Reef
Possession Point Fingers
Potlatch State Park
Pulali Point - East Wall
Pulali Point - South Tip
Pulali Point - West Reef
Quatsap Point
Refugio State Beach
Reuben Tarte Park
Rosario Beach - Northwest Island
Rosario Beach - Urchin Rocks
Rosario Wall
Rosie's Ravine
S.F. Tolmie
Salmon Beach
Saltwater State Park
San Juan County Park
Sares Head
Saxe Point
Scenic Beach State park
Seal Rock
Seattle Aquarium
Shilshoal Breakwater
Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge
Shilshole Bay Vertical Barge
South Beach
Spring Bay
Steamboat Island Wall
Sund Rock
Sunnyside Beach
Sunrise Beach
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Caissons
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Drift Dive
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Mooring Blocks
The Goldfish Bowl
The Murph
The Pipeline
The Sisters
Three Tree North Point
Toliva Shoal
Triton Cove
Turn Island
Turn Point
Twanoh State Park
Underwater Island
Washington Park
White Point
Woods Cove
Wreck at Taylor Bay
Wreck of The Omar
Z's Reef


Abalone Cove
Agate Pass
Alaska Reefer
Alki , Cove 1
Alki , Cove 2
Alki , Cove 3
Alki Boat Launch
Alki Fishing Reef
Alki Junkyard
Alki Pipeline
Anna Foss Tug
Blakely Harbor Reefs
Boeing Creek Reef
Breakwater Beach
Butterfly House
China Wall
Clover Point
Cutts Island
Dalco Wall
Dash Point Pier
Day Island Wall
Dead Man's Wall
Deception Island - West Side
Des Moines Wreck
Dockton Cruiser
Dockton Tricabin
Ediz Hook
Elliott Bay Marina Breakwater
Flagpole Point
Fort Flagler Fishing Reef
Fort Warden Science Center
Four Mile Rock Barges
Fox Island Bridge
Fox Island Ferry Landing
Fox Island, East Wall
Fox Island, West Wall
GB Church
Gedney Island Barges
Gedney Island Fishing Reef
Grace Foss
Harper's Ferry - Pier
Hood Canal Pinnacle
Hudson Point
Itsami Reef
Jorsted Creek
Kopachuck State Park
KVI Tower
Lake Crescent
Lake Geneva
Langley Tire Reef
Les Davis Park
Maury Island Barges
Mike's Beach Resort
Monastery, North
Monastery, South
Mukilteo State Park
Mukilteo T Dock
Octopus Hole
Ogden Point Breakwater
Orchard Rocks
Owen Beach
Pinacle Rock
Point Defiance North Wall
Point Defiance West Wall
Point Fosdick
Point Lobos, Cannery Wall
Point Lobos, Middle Reef in Whaler’s Cove
Point Richmond Minesweeper
Point Wilson Reef
Possesion Point Ferry
Possession Point Fingers
Pulali Point - East Wall
Quartermaster Wreck
Race Rocks
Rosario Beach - Northwest Island
Rosario Beach - Urchin Rocks
S.S. Burton
Salmon Beach
Salt Creek
Salter's Point
Saltwater State Park
Saxe Point
Seattle Aquarium
Sekiu Jetty
Shilshoal Breakwater
Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge
Shilshole Bay Vertical Barge
Skyline Wall
Spring Bay
Steamboat Island Wall
Sund Rock
Sunnyside Beach
Sunrise Beach
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Caissons
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Drift Dive
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Mooring Blocks
Ten Mile Point
The Boss
The Comet
The Murph
The Orca
The Ranger
The Sisters
Three Tree North Point
Three Tree South Point
Toliva Shoal
Waterman's Wall
Wreck at Taylor Bay
Wreck of The Omar
Z's Reef


Lingcod Swimming Anemones
WormCalifornia Sea Cucumber
SpongeSunflower Sea Star
Red Irish LordSculpin
Copper RockfishRed Rock Crab
Kelp CrabEel Grass
Swimming AnemoneStubby Rose Anemone
Sand Rose AnemonePlumose Anemone
Burrowing AnemoneBarge Remains
Barge RemainsBarge Remains
Original Tire ReefBuoy Anchors
Saltwater State Park EntryDiver surfacing to rough water
Wolf EelVermilion Rockfish
Wolf EelGPO on the Trawler
Red DendronotidVermilion Rockfish
School of RockfishSkiff
Wolf EelDiver on the Trawler at Sund Rock
Copper RockfishBlack Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
Black Eyed GobyCloud Sponge
Clam SiphonsBuoy at Sunrise
Wolf EelBlack Oystercatchers on Coffin Rocks
Social AscidiansBlood Star
Coral Leaf AlgaeZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
Gumboot ChitonPedestal Cucumber
Fringe WormsSea Cucumber
Red Irish LordSnails
TunicatesNorthern Cove of Deception Island
WormWater Jelly
Small JellyNanaimo Nudibranchs Mating
Leopard DoridCrescent Gunnels
Coonstripe ShrimpGreen Urchin
High CockscombHeart Crab
Male Scalyhead SculpinScallop
Rock ScallopRed Irish Lord
Leafy Hornsmouth SnailOrange Sea Cucumber
Heart CrabGumboot Chiton
ReefArtificial Reef
Clown NudibranchClam Siphon
Mottled Sea StarBlood Star
Leather StarRose Star
Spiny Pink StarSunflower Sea Star
Rob at the Toliva Shoal MarkerNorthern Abalone
Fish eating Anemone (aka Rose Anemone)Rainbow Star
Noble Sea Lemon California Berthellas
Encrusting HydrocoralSekiu reef
Purple CoralGiant Nudibranch
Yellow Margin DoridLeopard Dorid
KelpWhite Nudibranch
Surf GrassSlime Star
White Spotted AnemoneMonterey Sea Lemon
Leather StarLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
California Sea CucumberNorthern Abalone
Umbrella CrabOrange Social Ascidians
Mauve Lobed Compound TunicateScaled Crab, Placetron wosnessenskii
Sharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)Kelp Crab
Puget Sound King CrabFoliate Kelp Crab, Mimulus foliatus
Coral Leaf AlgaeEdiz Hook Entry Point
Bachelor Rock Entry PointWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Sand LanceUrchin Rocks
Langley Tire Reef EntryLangley Marina
Keystone JettyKeystone Pilings
Keystone Jetty from Fort CaseyDeception Pass Entry Point
Deception Pass North BeachLangley Tire Reef Cove
Sares HeadDriftwood Beach Entry Point
Lincoln Park CoveDuamish Head Pier
Duamish Head Beach AccessFox Island Ferry Dock
Fox Island Ferry DockFox Island Ferry - No Shore Access
White Spotted GreenlingCod
ShrimpRed Irish Lord
Saddle-back GunnelWhite Nudibranch
Red Irish LordPadded Sculpin
Lewis' Moon SnailScalyhead Sculpin
Young of the Year RockfishCoonstriped Shrimp
Painted GreenlingFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Crescent GunnelJuvenile Wolf Eel
Decorated WarbonnetNorthern Feather Duster
Ribbon WormRibbon Worm
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Yellow Margin Dorids
Sunflower StarNorthern Ronquil
Fort Flagler Fishing Reef ShorelineStriped Nudibranchs
Fishing ReefSchool of Black Rockfish
Fort Warden Science Center WharfKelp Crab
Young LingcodFort Warden Science Center Wharf
Buffalo SculpinYoung Yellowtail Rockfish in Eel Grass
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Ruby Octopus
Squat LobsterHooded Nudibranch
Female Kelp GreenlingMale Kelp Greenling
PoacherSailfin Sculpin
Red BrotulaRed Brotula
Marbled SnailfishShrimp
Pacific CodRed Brotula
Slug?Stubby Squid
Snake PricklebackSailfin Sculpin
Plainfin MidshipmanRed Brotula
Red BrotulaStubby Squid
Anemone Lingcod
Noble Sea Lemon Cucumber Feeding
Sea SquirtShellfish
Puget Sound Spear FishingJerem'y 15lb Cabazon
Jim's 20lb LingHood Canal Pinnacle
Nobel Sea Lemon Clam Siphon
False Ochre StarSun Star
Tube Dwelling AnemoneYellow Margin Dorid
SpongeStarfish on the Wall
Ochre StarClown Nudibranch
Black Eyed GobyBoring Sponges
White CucumbersStarfish
SpongesSquat Lobster
Puget Sound RockfishUrchin
Boring SpongesPainted Greenling
Ochre StarYellow Margin Dorid
Lilly PadsSmall Mouth Bass
Small Mouth BassSmall Mouth Bass
Small Mouth BassRow Boat
Lined Ribbon WormNobel Sea Lemons
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchBryzoan
Clown NudibranchLobed Tunicate
Rock ScallopGreen Urchin
Encrusting TunicateYellow Rimmed Nudibranch
Stalked Hairy Sea SquirtStubby Rose Anemone
Lingcod Yellow Margin Dorid
White CucumberTube Worm
Sea SquirtGlove Sponge
Red Gilled NudibranchPainted Greenling
Cloud SpongeBlack Rockfish
ZoanthidsFlagpole Point Dive Site
Eagle Wall BluffWater Jelly
Stubby Squid EggsWhite Nudibranch
Tube Dwelling AnemoneFried Egg Jelly
Flatfish in the sandPulali Point - West Wall
Pulali Point South TipPulali Point East Wall
Wawa Point from the Hood Canal Sea MountSeal Rock Marker
Rosie's Ravine and Goby GardensRosie's Ravine and Goby Gardens
Goby Garden's BluffGoby Garden's Bluff
Black-Eyed GobyTriton Cove Boat Launch
Small crab on ReefDiamond Back Nudibranch
Diamond Back NudibranchCucumber Feeding
Glove SpongeBoring Sponges
SpongesPotlatch Dive Site
Twanoh Dive EntryDiver on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Ostrich Plume HydroidMetridium Anemones
Scalyhead SculpinHydroid
Small NudibranchsSponge
Red Irish LordMature Male Scaly Head Sculpin
Pygmy Rock CrabCrab
Leafy Hornsmouth SnailMosshead Warbonnet
Painted AnemoneWest Side Caisson
Tacoma Narrows East SideTacoma Narrows Mooring Block
Mooring BlocksGiant Barnacle
Scalyhead SculpinSponge encrusted boulder
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchUrchin
StarfishKelp Crab
I-BeamsRed Gilled Nudibranch
Zoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusDecorated Warbonnet
Monterey Sea LemonShilshole Bay Vertical Barge
Painted GreenlingGreat Sculpin with LOTS of parasites
TunicateDungeness Crab
Frosted NudibranchYoung Quillback Rockfish
Painted AnemoneMonterey Sea Lemon
Matt on the Anchor LineRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Silver Spotted SculpinSilver Spotted Sculpin
SculpinCoonstriped Shrimp
Pacific CodSlender Cockscomb
Striped NudibranchRed Irish Lord
Nudibranch Grunt Sculpin
Anemone? Rock Sole
Ruby OctopusSilver Spotted Sculpin
Golden DironaDive Day on the Boats
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Nobel Sea Lemons
Orange and White Tip NudibranchZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
Nobel Sea LemonYellow Margin Dorid
Nanaimo NudibranchLeopard Dorid
Golden DironaHelmet Crab
Pea CrabWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Northern Feather DusterInvasive Tunicate
Monterey Sea LemonRed Dendronotid
Scalyhead SculpinWolf Eel
Pacific Spiny LumpsuckerGumboot Chiton
Nanaimo Nudibranchs - Grey PhaseBuffalo Sculpin
Leopard DoridLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
Lewis' Moon SnailGreen Urchin
Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Scalyhead Sculpin
CleatDeck Junk
Hatch Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge.
Monterey Sea LemonLingcod
LimpetRed Gilled Nudibranch
Tube Dwelling AnemoneClown Nudibranch
Comb JellyCopper Rockfish
Lingcod on the BargeNanaimo Nudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonPlumose Anemones
Quillback RockfishRob on the Wreck
Shiner Perch Tunicate
Equal Arm StarSaltwater State Park
GunnelFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
TunicateDiamond Back Nudibranch
Just PeekingBlack Eyed Goby
Yellow-Eyed Rockfish - Juvenile Sponge
Red Gilled NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon
White NudibranchDiver on the Wreck
Nobel Sea LemonPossession Point Ferry Wreck
Yellow-Eyed Rockfish - Juvenile Copper Rockfish
Nobel Sea LemonRed Gilled Standing Up
Sponge Close-upRockfish Hiding in the Wreck
SpongePainted Greenling
SpongeKelp Perch
Alabaster NudibranchBaby Red Irish Lord
Kelp PerchRed Gilled Nudibranch
California Sea CucumberHermit Crab
Scalyhead SculpinRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Kelp PerchHermit Crab
Sea StarPoint Richmond Minesweeper
Point Richmond MinesweeperPoint Richmond Minesweeper
Point Richmond MinesweeperLingcod
Sea StarSea Star
Sea StarStars on the Pilings
Pink TritoniaNet
MachineryGrace Foss Timbers
Grace Foss SternBoiler
Fire BricksS.S. Burton
Burton BoilerRed Dendronotid
Sea StarNobel Sea Lemon
High CockscombDiamond Back Nudibranch
High CockscombStriped Perch
Diamond Back NudibranchHigh Cockscomb
Striped PerchMoon Snail
Diamond Back NudibranchStriped Perch
Penpoint GunnelsStubby Squid
Stubby SquidCrescent Gunnel
GunnelSpot Shrimp
Spiny LumpsuckerWrithing mass of Gunnels
Buffalo SculpinGreat Sculpin
Great SculpinGolden Dirona
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Red DendronotidsRed Dendronotid Gills
The OrcaDeck of The Orca
Orca RudderGolden Dirona
Comet ReefAnemone
StructureWreck Structure
Deck of the CometRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Red DendronotidsFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
The RangerBow of the Alaska Reefer
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrom the hull of the Alaska Reefer
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrom the holds of the Alaska Reefer
Great SculpinIntersection of the Alaska Reefer and Barge
Barge ribs at the Alaska ReeferNaval Munitions Loading Dock fro the Alaska Reefer
Pacific Spiny LumpsuckerShort Plumose Anemones
Pygmy Rock CrabLimpet upon Limpet
Octopus DenWolf Eel
Saddle-back GunnelsScallop
Saddle-back GunnelRed Irish Lord
Red DendronotidPainted Greenling
Nobel Sea LemonsHeart Crab
Black-eyed Hermit CrabDockton Tricabin Instruments
Outboard MotorGreen Urchin
SpongeFrosted Nudibranch
Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)Red Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Deck of the Quartermaster WreckSea Whips
Ladder on Quartermaster WreckBlack Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
Anna FossRed Dendronotid
Padded SculpinRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Monterey Sea LemonComb Jelly
Red DendronotidsLamp on Docton Cruiser
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchDockton Cruiser
InstrumentsCaptain's Plaque
Manufacturer's PlaqueControl Panel
Spanish DancerTube Snouts
Soft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Shrimp
Tube SnoutsSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)
PipefishTube Dwelling Anemone
Buffalo SculpinRose Starfish
Tube Dwelling AnemoneClam
Grunt SculpinSea Star
The Pitted North WallRed Irish Lord
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchHermit Crabs
Clam SiphonSea Star
ScallopStarfish on the Wall
Clown NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Clam SiphonClam Culprits!
Z's Reef Landmark HouseWolf Eels
LingcodKelp Crab
SnailWhelk Eggs
WhelksHarpers Fishing Pier
Fishing TrawlerScalyhead Sculpin
Frosted NudibranchShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Sea Lemon NudibranchPilings on the Pier
Moon SnailRed Rock Crab
Giant PlumoseJuvenile White Spotted Greenling
Metridium on the ReefBrown Rockfish
Quillback RockfishWhite Urchin
Brown RockfishHood Canal Bridge
Entry PointFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
PipefishYoung Striped Perch
RatfishWalleye Pollock
PipefishRed Dendronotid
Great "White" SculpinPipefish
Dogfish Close-upSpoon Worm
Spoon WormSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)
Dolphins (Pilings)Black-Eyed Goby
Feather DustersFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
LingcodCucumber Vent
The BargesTunicate
Encrusting BryozoaSponge
HatchCabin Cruiser
Decorator CrabSand Rose Anemone
Rock SoleMale Kelp Greenling
Puget Sound King CrabInvasive Tunicate
Juvenile Yellow-eye RockfishTiger Rockfish
Boot SpongeCloud Sponge
Moon JellyfishTiger Rockfish
Painted GreenlingMoon Jelly Texture
Yellow AlgaeCloud Sponge
Butterfly CrabButterfly Crab
Ten Mile Point ReefSponge
Longfin SculpinClown Nudibranch
Leopard DoridMale Kelp Greenling
Gumboot ChitonYellowtail Rockfish
Crescent GunnelRock Crab
Decorator CrabCucumbers Feeding
Saxe PointEntry Point
Surf GrassFrosted Nudibranch
Northern RonquilBlack-eyed Goby
Northern RonquilShrimp
Nanaimo NudibranchHairy Tunicate
Leather StarWater Jellyfish
Moon JellyfishLion's Mane Jellyfish
GooseberryGlassy Tunicate
Baby Sun StarStarfish
Sun Star TextureStarfish
Tube Dwelling AnemonesNursery
Rockfish in a Boot SpongeWhite Spotted Greenling
Copper RockfishPacific Cod
Painted GreenlingYoung Copper Rockfish
McKenzie BightCloud Sponge
Cloud SpongeRob on the Wall
Boot SpongeBoot Sponge
Race Rocks ReefProliferating Anemones
Pink HydrocoralProliferating Anemones
SculpinCoral Leafed Algae
Juvenile Kelp GreenlingLeopard Dorids
Scallop SpongeBull Kelp at Race Rocks
Pink HydrocoralBrooding Anemones
Coral Leafed AlgaeSlime-Tube Feather-Duster
Cup CoralZoanthinds
Male Kelp GreenlingNorthern Clingfish
Puget Sound King CrabJuvenile Puget Sound King Crab
Safety StopClown Nudibranch
Tunicates Puget Sound Rockfish
Watch DogQuillback Rockfish
Red Dendronotid NudibranchTunicates
BridgeCargo Hold
LadderEntry Point
Mast of the GB ChurchMemorial of Susan Pengelly
Puget Sound King CrabSnail
Pygmy Rock CrabPuget Sound Rockfish
Tiger RockfishYellow Rimmed Nudibranch
AbaloneClown Nudibranch
Puget Sound King CrabRock Crab Intercourse!
Painted GreenlingLions Mane Jellyfish
Slime StarBlack Rockfish
Burrowing AnemonesLongfin Sculpin
Clown NudibranchLingcod
Gooseneck BarnaclesPainted Greenling
Hermit CrabGumboot Chiton
Identification PlaquesPair of Gunnels
Shiner Perch Eel Grass
Copper RockfishFemale Black Eyed Goby
Male Black Eyed GobyRed Rock Crab
Gunnel in a Clam HolePenpoint Gunnel
Crescent GunnelSaddle-back Gunnel
Perfect Buoyancy ControlBlack Eyed Goby
Saddle-back GunnelRed Penpoint Gunnel
Painted GreenlingCopper Rockfish
Pile PerchShiner Perch
Snake PrickelbacksDungeness Crab
Pacific Blue MusselsSnail
Rose AnemoneBurrowing Anemone
Anemones Mukilteo T-Dock
LimpetsRoad Sign
Angel at MukilteoGeo-Dome
Rockfish at the Geo-DomeHandicap Parking
Geo-DomeGeo Dome
Home Sweet BarnacleSnails
Giant Pacific OctopusCopper Rockfish
SculpinTube Feet
Sea CucumberRock Crab
Orange Sea PenSampling of Waterman's Wall
GPO on Waterman's WallLeather Star
TunicateGolden Dirona
Lingcod on the BargePainted Greenling
Irish LordDerelict Fish Net
Roughback SculpinSpearnose Poacher
Rock SoleSpearnose Poacher
Hey!Rock Greenling
Red Eyed MedusaStalked Medusa
Red Eyed MedusaFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Yellow Sponge Tunicate
Red Eyed MedusaSmooth Scallop Sponge
Smooth Scallop SpongeRough Scallop Sponge
Sea UrchinsMale Kelp Greenling
Stalked Trumpet SpongeFunnel Sponge
Rough Scallop SpongeStalked Trumpet Sponge
SpongeScalyhead Sculpin
Orange Social AscidiansScalyhead Sculpin
Urchins and CucumbersSponge
Yellow-fin RockfishSponge
Mossy-head WarbonnetLingcod
Giant Pacific OctopusSkyline Wall Reef
Hermit CrabHeart Crab
Copper RockfishCalifornia Sea Cucumber
Skyline Wall Entry PointFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Monterey Sea LemonYellow Rimmed Nudibranch
UrchinRosario Beach - Urchin Rocks
Cluster of Sea SquirtsSculpin on the Reef
Huge NudibranchCopper Rockfish
Hiding CrabPurple Urchin
Pacific HerringNorth Cliffs under water
Rosario Beach - Northwest IslandFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Female Kelp GreenlingBlack-Eyed Goby
Female Kelp GreenlingBait Ball
Frosted NudibranchFemale Kelp Greenling
Metridium Wall in Blakely HarborBlack-Eyed Goby
Giant Pacific OctopusSand Lance
Decorated WarbonnetJeremy Chevalier
Mark VChris Suited Up
Mark V Helmet TagMark V Helmet
Red Eyed MedusaRed Eyed Medusa
Red Eyed MedusaRed Eyed Medusa
Pinnacle Rock CovePinnacle Rock Reef
Oval Anchored JellyfishNudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonsKelp Crab
Hanging with the shrimpSculpin Spawn
Sand LanceBlack Rockfish
Sculpin on the ReefAnemones on a rock
Alabaster NudibranchBlack Rockfish
Gunnel at SekiuSekiu Reef
Sea UrchinBed of Sea Urchins
Nobel Sea LemonGoose Neck Barnacles
Goose Neck BarnaclesClown Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchClown Nudibranchs
Clown NudibranchClown Nudibranch Reaching out
Clown NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Heart CrabSculpin
GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus)Sea Urchins
White Sea Cucumbers FeedingSunrise
Decorated WarbonnetVermillion Rockfish
Copper RockfishRatfish
Decorated WarbonnetMonterey Sea Lemon Nudibrnach
Noble Sea Lemon NudibranchStriped Nudibranch
Cluster of AnemonesSponge
Marking the Wreck of the OmarWaterman's Wall Marker
Black RockfishQuillback Rockfish
RockfishSchool of Black Rockfish
White Sea CucumberHoles in the Deck
Clown NudibranchTunicate
Four Mile RockSouthern Wreck at Gordon Point Park
Northern Wreck at Gordon Point ParkBroken Mast
Spiny LumpsuckerSpiny Lumpsucker
Painted GreenlingOdd Looking Crab
Orange AlgaeNudibranch on the Wreck at Gordon Point Park
Lingcod fishingRatfish
Frosted Nudibranch (aka: Alabaster Nudibranch)Leopard Nudibranch
White and Orange Tip NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Sailfin Sculpin Leopard Nudibranch
GPO in DenMonterey Sea Lemon Nudibrnach
Leopard NudibranchSpearnose Poacher
Painted GreenlingBrittle Stars
Sea StarSun Star's Tube Feet
TunicatesBurrowing Anemone
Sea AnemonePainted Sea Anemone
Kelp CrabCLose-up of a Tubesnout
Painted GreenlingYoung Quillback Rockfish
Feeding CucumberBurried Staghorn
Red Algae - Hymenena?Vermillion Rockfish in Taylor Bay Wreck
Sharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)Snails
Buffalo SculpinShort Plumose Anemones
Todd preparing for dive #100!The Bluff marking the Wreck at Taylor Bay
Quillback RockfishNudibranch
Graceful CrabBlack Rockfish
Stubby Rose AnemoneAnemones growing on the wreck at Taylor Bay
The Bluff at Steamboat Island WallNudibranch on the Wreck at Taylor Bay
NudibranchAnemones on the barge at Tolmie
Barge Wall Close-upSunnyside Entry Point
Dalco Wall Entry PointAnemone
CabezonGumboot Chiton
Lemon NudibranchRed Rock Crab
ShrimpRock Sole
Tube WormTube Worm
Stubby SquidStubby Squid
Stubby SquidStubby Squid
Ruby OctopusRatfish
Penpoint GunnelsSturgeon Poacher
Spiny LumpsuckerGrunt Sculpin
NudibranchStaghorn Sculpin
Striped PerchDo you think he can see us?
Spiny LumpsuckerPainted Greenling
Camouflaged SculpinHermit Crab Buddies
Spiny LumpsuckerCamouflaged Sculpin
Lingcod Spiny Lumpsucker
Nanaimo Nudibranch - Grey PhaseShrimp
Sea UrchinWhite Sea Cucumber Feeding
Hedgehog hydroid (Clavactinia Milleri)Nudibranch
ShrimpTiny Octopus
Octopus BottlePlainfin Midshipman
SpawnWhite and Orange Tipped Nudibranch
White and Orange Tipped NudibranchSnailFish
SnailFishSnail Fish
Stubby SquidPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Spiny Lumpsucker SwimmingWolf Eels
UrchinSea Pen
NudibranchSnail laying eggs
BarnacleButtelfly Crab
Butterfly CrabCabezon
Moon SnailHooded Nudibranchs
Lemon NudibranchHooded Nudibranchs
Cabezon guarding eggsHeath
OctopusShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Stubby Squid SwimmingStubby Squid
Stubby Squid EggsShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Small OctopusCucumber Feet
AnemoneVolkswagon Bug
NudibranchBoat Launch in Whaler
Sea StarRockfish
HopkinOpalescent Nudibranch
NudibranchWhite Nudibranch
School of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus)Unknown?
Giant Kelp ForestLeopard Shark on the run!
Hermit Crab Eyes! Hanging On!
Gumboot ChitonGiant Kelp Close-Up
Feather DustersOlive Rockfish (Sebates serranoides)
RockfishUnderneath a Chiton
ChitonLeopard Shark
Entry Point to Monastery SouthBottom Contour
AnemonesGiant Kelp
Weird CrabThe Bottom of Monastery Beach
Strawberry AnemonesSponges
SnailOdd Looking Crab
Monastery North Shore Dive EntryGiant Kelp
School of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus)Hydrocoral
Moon JellyfishRockfish
Black and Yellow Rockfish (Sebates chrysomelas)Angry Lingcod
Flat fish Clam Siphon
Wolf EelClose-Up of Barnacle
Crescent GunnelWolf Eel Close-Up Texture
Small CucumberNudibranch
SpongeSun Star
NudibranchSnails on Piling
Short Plumose AnemonesSea Lemon Nudibranch
Nudibranch feeding on an anemoneShaggy Mouse Nudibranch Eggs
Limpit on the moveLoads of Kelp Crab
Leather StarCabazon sitting on eggs
Buffalo SculpinShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Small Opalescent NudibranchBunch of Painted Anemones
LumpsuckerPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Juvinile Painted GreenlingPlainfin Midshipman
Juvinile Kelp GreenlingLumpsucker
Tide Pool ExhibitHands-On Tide Pools
Volunteer Diver Snail on wreck
Hairy TritonLimpet
Roughback SculpinBaby Octopus
Spiny Sea StarWhite Sea Cucumber
Buffalo SculpinNudibranch
California Sea CucumberChiton on Wreck
Equal Arm Sea StarSailfin Sculpin
Red Rock CrabCrescent Gunnel
Snail on wreckPenpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus)
Sea StarBlack Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
NudibranchOn the move!
SculpinRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Shaggy Mouse NudibranchSunflower Star Texture
NudibranchJuvinile Wolf Eel
Lingcod EggsMetridium at Titlow
Feather DusterShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchWolf Eel Parents
Giant OctopusSea Whip
Vermillion RockfishScallop
Giant ScallopPlumose Anemone
Plumose AnemoneGiant Plumose Anemone
Sea SquirtCucumber
Squat LobsterSund Rock reef
Wreck at Sund RockSund Rock - South Wall
Sund Rock - North WallSea Star
Ochre Sea StarSea Star
Sunflower Sea StarSunflower Sea Star
Ochre Sea StarMottled Sea Star
Striped PerchSailfin Sculpin
Shiner PerchSite entry for Octopus Hole
Oyster BedSea Lemon Nudibranch
Yellow Rimmed NudibranchMoon Snail
Lingcod EggsClose up Lingcod Face
CucumberSea Cucumber
Clam SpawningClam Siphon
Clam SiphonBlack Rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
AnemoneBlack Eyed Goby
Dash Point ParkThe Pier at Dash Point
BelizeHermit Crab in Belize
Channel MarkerAgate Pass Exit Point
Agate Pass Entry PointAgate Pass Drift Course
Fishing PlatformAlki Boat Launch Docks
Pull OutGiant Pacific Octopus
Junkyard Entry PointRed Rock Crab
Grunt SculpinGrunt Sculpin
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchPair of Crescent Gunnels
Crescent GunnelSalt Creek
Day Island Shore Entry
Titlow Beach


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