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Chris Pattillo
Sammamish, Wa
Dive Level: Instructor
Diving Since: 1987

I grew up on a small lake. I spent my most summers swimming and snorkeling. I have always been interested in anything relating to the water.

I took a Marine Biology / Oceanography class in high school and went to Hawaii the next summer to get NAUI SCUBA certified.

In college I majored in Zoology and Marine Biology. I spent three spring terms at Stanfordís Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey CA. I was employed as a science research SCUBA diver during my second and third years.

I am a SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor certified to teach basic and advanced classes including Stress & Rescue.

In 2007 some of my free diving friends finally got certified. As we started diving more frequently and looking for new places to dive this site was created.



Sites Entered

Breakwater Beach
Deep Reef
Hopkin's Marine Life Refuge
Les Davis Park
Lover's Cove Beach 1
Lover's Cove Beach 3
McAbbey Beach


Agate Pass
Alki Junkyard
Alki Pipeline
Bell Island
Black Rock, Ka'anapali Beach
China Wall
Dash Point Pier
Dockton Tricabin
Edmonds Underwater Park
Hopkin's Marine Life Refuge
Maury Island Barges
Mile Marker 8
Point Defiance West Wall
Point Fosdick
Possesion Point Ferry
Saltwater State Park
Sund Rock
Sunrise Beach
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Caissons
Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Mooring Blocks
The Murph


Blue Element SCUBAO.K.!
Mark V Under WaterShallow Water
Chris Pattillo Sporting a Mark VChris Pattillo
Giant Pacific Octopus in it's denGolden Dirona Nudibranch
Shrimp on a Sea PenOctopus in it's Den
Water FleaSponge
Jeremy at Middle ReefJeremy at Middle Reef
White Spotted AnemoneBat Star
HopkinOpalescent Nudibranch
Opalescent NudibranchLeopard Dorid Nudibranch
Giant Kelp Close-UpStrawberry Anemones
Tube Dwelling AnemoneDiver at Point Lobos
NudibranchNoble Sea Lemon Nudibranch
Monastery Kelp ForestLittle Help, Please?!
Snubnose SculpinCucumber
Fish Eating AnemoneThe Perfect DIve team at Monastery
Cormorant SwimmingWhite Nudibranch
Black and Yellow Rockfish (Sebates chrysomelas)Leafy Hornmouth Snail
Brittle StarRock Scallop on Butterfly House Reef
Entry Point to Butterfly House, MontereyThe Butterfly House, Monterey
Harbor SealCarpenter's Turrid Snail
Sea PenTube Dwelling Anemone
Clam Siphon at The BossLingcod at The Boss
The BossThe Boss
Rob and The BossSmall Sea Pen
U lookin' at me (C-O Sole)California Sea Cucumber
AnemoneTube Worm
Metridium AnemoneScallop
Nudibranch: HudsonOchre Sea Star
White Sea UrchinLeather Star
Coonstripe ShrimpSharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)
Pink Short Spined Sea StarCoralline algae
Swimming AnemoneScallop
TubesnoutFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Candy Stripped ShrimpBuddah
ScallopFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Giant Red Sea CucumberRed Irish Lord
Snake PricklebackBrown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)
California Sea CucumberRock Sole
Lake ChelanBlackeye Goby
Rob sees eye to eye with a Spotted RatfishLing Cod
Rob free diving to 51Orange sea pen (Ptilosarcus gurneyi)
Todd chillinClown Nudibranch
JellySea Star
Zoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusVermillion Sea Star (Equal Arm Star)
Spot PrawnDivers on the Wall
Clear Water!View from Alki Cove 1
Northern Cling FishRed Irish Lord
DiverPurple Urchins and a Stimpson's Sun Star
Female Kelp GreenlingRed Brotula
Copper Rockfish


 New Sites

Lake Washington - Cedar River
Sunrise Motel & Dive Resort
Coeur d'Alene Lake Stevens Point
North santiam
Dickman Mill Park

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Keystone Jetty
The Murph
Point Whitney
Lake Washington - Cedar River
Rosario Beach - Urchin Rocks
Langley Tire Reef
Octopus Hole
Grain Terminal

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