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Robert Loer
Posts: 512
Federal Way, Wa
Dive Level: Advanced Open Water
Diving Since: Febuary of 2007

I love to scuba dive! I especially love the more adventurous dives such as deep dives, wreck dives, current dives, wall dives, night dives, etc. So the perfect dive for me is a night dive on a wreck at the bottom of a deep wall being swept by current. Ok, maybe not but you get the idea. I have over 200 dives and hope for hundreds more!

Sites Entered

Alki , Cove 1
Alki Fishing Reef
Blakely Harbor Reefs
China Wall
Christmas Point
Edmonds Underwater Park
Elliott Bay Marina Breakwater
Grain Terminal
Lake Crescent
Maury Island Barges
McKenzie Bight site 1
Misery Bay
Mukilteo State Park
Pinacle Rock
Point Defiance North Wall
Salt Creek
Sekiu Jetty
The Boss
Waterman's Wall
Willis Point


Alaska Reefer
Alki , Cove 2
Alki Fishing Reef
Anna Foss Tug
Blake Island Reef
Blakely Harbor Reefs
Butterfly House
China Wall
Christmas Point
Clover Point
Cutts Island
Dead Man's Wall
Des Moines Wreck
Dockton Cruiser
Dockton Tricabin
Eagle Wall
Elliott Bay Marina Breakwater
Fox Island Bridge
Fox Island, East Wall
Fox Island, West Wall
GB Church
Grace Foss
Grain Terminal
KVI Tower
Lake Geneva
Maury Island Barges
McKenzie Bight site 1
Misery Bay
Monastery, North
Monastery, South
Mukilteo T Dock
Ogden Point Breakwater
Point Lobos, Cannery Wall
Point Lobos, Middle Reef in Whaler’s Cove
Point Richmond Minesweeper
Pulali Point - East Wall
Quartermaster Wreck
Race Rocks
Rosario Beach - Northwest Island
S.S. Burton
Salt Creek
Saltwater State Park
Sares Head
Saxe Point
Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge
Shilshole Bay Vertical Barge
Steamboat Island Wall
Sund Rock
Sunrise Beach
Ten Mile Point
The Boss
The Comet
The Orca
The Ranger
The Sisters
The Smelter
Three Tree North Point
Toliva Shoal
Waterman's Wall
Willis Point
Wreck at Taylor Bay
Wreck of The Omar
Z's Reef


Red Irish LordQuatsap Point
Mikes beach resortHumbolt Squid
Stubby Squidstubby squid
Grunt SculpinSpiny Lumpsucker
Largemouth BassLarge Bluegill
Mossy-Headed WarbonnetPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Fox IslandGPO
Marker to Brotchie LedgeDeep Cove
Sydney Marine ParkFisguard Island
Female Kelp GreenlingFemale Kelp Greenling
Male Kelp GreenlingPuget Sound King Crab
Copper RockfishMermaid
Bull Kelp forestLingcod
Underwater FlowerLing Profile
Ling in shallowsQuillback on wreck
Winch GearJeremy on the G B Church
Rob at the Geo-DomePile Perch
Rob Loer: Jungle Diver! Starry Flounder
Dogfish at SmelterQuillback Rockfish
Copper RockfishPenpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus)
Saddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata)Crescent Gunnel
Black Eyed GobyLing hangin out at Monastery
Snail laying eggsTubesnout
Staghorn SculpinNorthern Clingfish
Spot Shrimp
Sailfin SculpinKelp Crab
Northern ClingfishFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Juvenile LingcodMale Kelp Greenling
Sea AnemoneSea Anemone
White Spotted GreenlingSaddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata)
Buffalo SculpinTodd at Titlow
School of FishSea Turtle
RaySnowflake Morrey Eel
Hermit CrabStriped Perch
Sailfin SculpinBig n little
Jeremy and his new dive partnerOctopus in his bed
Painted GreenlingMatt
Kelp GreenlingNorthern Clingfish
Kelp CrabRed Irish Lord
LingcodGrunt Sculpin
Life in Blakely Harbor
Hull of the Des Moines WreckFresh Water Sculpin
Fresh Water SculpinCrawdad
Robs CrackBarnacles
Bull Kelp and Black RockfishLing Cod
Small Octopus at RedondoGrunt Sculpin
Blakely Rock
Wolf EelJuvenile Wolf Eel
End of the Line
Rockfish Diver
Great SculpinSpiny Dogfish


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Triton Cove State Park
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Den Longines Avigation Watch type A -7 L2.779.4.53.0 - DKK 1,467 : replika Longines ure , ladieslongineswatches.top
Nyt design og Custom Made brudekjoler til salg
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Jorsted Creek
Rosie's Ravine
Bellingham Marine Park
Skyline Wall
Ed's Fault
Octopus Hole
Fox Island, West Wall
Grain Terminal
Sunnyside Beach
KVI Tower

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