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Octopus Hole

Date: 3/12/2014
Depth: 52
Bottom Time: 39
Buddy: Chad Miller
Time: Day
Visiblity: 3
Current: 2
Overall: 4

Taking a heading directly West from the second fallen tree (after heading South) will get you on the wall about 100ft in. Continue South to see the whole wall, and when you get to the end, air and time permitting, just turn around and go back until it ends, seeing the first 100ft. Look for the bear or tire reef! If your air or time start getting low, you can finish the dive at the top of the wall which is at around 20-25ft deep. Chad and I saw two octos hidden in the cracks. Be sure to bring a light with a narrow beam to look for them. A lot more animal life this week than last week at Mike's Beach. Saw and interacted with a Painted Greenling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painted_greenling). This site hasn't been updated in years, so some of the topography might be different. Try to dive the site when the tide is coming in. If you get caught in the tide going out, ascend on the bottom until you get to about 4 feet deep and you can "pull and "glide" easily until you get to your exit point. There are no restrooms or facilities, so go at the dive shop. If the weather is a little rough, get into the water and under ASAP as long as the swells are manageable (skill dependent). Walking down from the road is easy as there are still steps made from the rocks. Don't leave anything at the shoreline because if the tide comes in, it will all be gone. Walk down slowly as some of them are slippery. If the water is calm, you can put your BCD on in the water. I saw a single sea urchin so it is possible that one could find wolf eels around, too. The algae is just starting to bloom, so visibility will start getting worse going forward. The time to dive it is right now! The dive was really easy and all levels can have fun here. Check the tides for best times to enter and exit, but the road is right next to the site, so you just have to swim West to get out. The hike back to your car can be eliminated by using good navigation skills. Enjoy...

Thanks to carlos6466 for submitting this review!


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