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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

Salt Creek

Date: 9/13/2009
Depth: 44 fsw
Bottom Time: 44
Buddy: Larry
Time: Day
Visiblity: 5
Current: 3
Overall: 5

The stairs leading to the water are numbered on several of the posted maps in the Park. We entered #3 -a short stairway to the rocky shore. We clambered to the right and entered via a small beach area. We snorkeled past the shallow rocks because of the intense surge. Once we we at depth the surge was still felt but easily manageable. This dive was tons of fun as we cruised though rock lined canyons. The kelp beds were short in height and easily traversed. We saw two GPO's deep in dens, beautiful fish-eating anemones, several red irish lords, a huge beds of blue urchin. Exit was the same way - we surfaced picked our route back through the surge and swam on the surface to avoid the shallow rocks.

Thanks to John R for submitting this review!


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