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Redondo Gallery | USA: Pacific Northwest

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Sixgill sharkWormWater Jelly
Small JellyNanaimo Nudibranchs MatingLeopard Dorid
Crescent GunnelsCoonstripe Shrimpsmall rock fish Anemonie and bottom structure
Dive sitehermit crab
Silver Spotted SculpinSilver Spotted SculpinSculpin
Coonstriped ShrimpPacific CodSlender Cockscomb
Anemone Silver Spotted Sculpin
Penpoint GunnelsStubby SquidStubby Squid
Crescent GunnelGunnelSpot Shrimp
Spiny LumpsuckerWrithing mass of GunnelsStubby Squid
stubby squidGrunt SculpinSpiny Lumpsucker
Tube SnoutsSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Shrimp
Tube SnoutsSoft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Pipefish
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchPipefishYoung Striped Perch
RatfishWalleye PollockPipefish
Red DendronotidGreat "White" SculpinPipefish
Dogfish Close-upSpoon WormSpoon Worm
Soft sculpin (Psychrolutes sigalutes)Roughback SculpinSpearnose Poacher
Rock SoleSpearnose PoacherSand Lance
Decorated WarbonnetLeopard NudibranchGPO in Den
Monterey Sea Lemon NudibrnachLeopard NudibranchSpearnose Poacher
Painted GreenlingBrittle StarsSea Star
Sun Star's Tube FeetTunicatesShrimp
Tiny OctopusOctopus BottlePlainfin Midshipman
SpawnWhite and Orange Tipped NudibranchWhite and Orange Tipped Nudibranch
Snail FishStubby SquidPacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Spiny Lumpsucker SwimmingHeathOctopus
Shaggy Mouse NudibranchStubby Squid SwimmingStubby Squid
Stubby Squid EggsShaggy Mouse NudibranchSmall Octopus
Cucumber FeetAnemoneVolkswagon Bug
NudibranchSmall Octopus at RedondoGrunt Sculpin


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Bellingham Marine Park
Battleship Island west side

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Bellingham Marine Park
Skyline Wall
Ed's Fault
Octopus Hole
Fox Island, West Wall
Grain Terminal
Sunnyside Beach
KVI Tower
Possesion Point Ferry
Salt Creek

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