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Blake Island Reef

Home of Tillicum Village
Blake Island
Blaker Island is near Port Orchard, WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Amenities: Public Mooring

Photo Gallery:

Wolf Eels
Sea Pen
Snail laying eggs
Buttelfly Crab
Butterfly Crab

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Blake Island Reef is comprised of a long series of cement debris that run parallel to the southern shore of Blake Island. The reef structure runs east to west from 50ft-60ft with the most dynamic “chunks� toward the center of the southern shore. Although the reef is entirely artificial, the site receives very little traffic you can expect to see many large or interesting creatures among the debris such as wolf eels, octopus, lingcod, rockfish, sea lions, and loads of nudibranchs. The bottom between the cement debris is mostly sand/cobble and clam shells. funny birthday pictures funny pictures funny images funny photos

Special Restrictions:

Current can pick up out here on large exchanges and there is very little cover to hide in. Plan your dive around slack or on small exchanges. Use a live boat or drag lines if you anticipate any current.

How to get there:

Blake Island sits directly between the Bainbridge Island (on the north) and Vashon Island (on its south). It is about 5mi west of the Alki boat launch. It is well known for Tillicum village which is located on the northern shore of the small island. Tillicum Village is a Native American themed dinner show operated by a concessionaire. You can buy a ticket to he dinner and show if they have space. The island is all state park land so you will not find lots of services on the island. The dive site is located on the southern shore of the Island. There are a couple of public mooring buoys in the area but they are not very close to the reef. You can anchor in the middle of the southern shore and that will put you near the largest portion of the reefs.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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Slobert3/15/2008Rating: 4
This is an pretty good Dive site, but I wouldnt chose it over any of the blakely harbor dives. It is a big site though, so its good for larger groups and it is certainly worth visiting if you have access to a boat alot and want some variety. We dove it off slack on a big echange and kept a live boat just in case. The current was really ripping wich made it kinda fun to pull yourself along the bottom and hide in the eddies behind the larger chunks of concrete that make up the reef. We found a pair of wolf eels, some lingcod, and a GPO.


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