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The Ranger  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Boat Haven Marina
Port Townsend, WA

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate
Access: Moderate Shore Entry
Parking: Limited
Amenities: Restrooms

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 3
Visibility: 2
Current: 1.25
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Red Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Red Dendronotids
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
The Ranger


Large Wreck, Debris,


The Ranger is a 70’-80' wooden hulled vessel that sits in 30'-40’ of water outside of the Boat Haven Marina in Port Townsend. She sits in tack and upright about 15' from the bottom and has some overhead environments and swim-throughs. Much of the steering mechanism is still visible and the wreck seems to attract many varieties of nudibranchs.

There are also many pilings and debris from the old ferry dock and wing wall to explore.

Special Restrictions:

There was once a long row of pilings near the breakwater to the marina where the wreck now lies. Many have been cut off below the water line so beware when approaching and come at the wreck from the east to be safe. Beware of boat traffic while diving and fly a flag.

How to get there:

Navigate to Port Townsend and to the Boat Haven Marina by WA-20. Take a right on San Jaun Ave and another right when you reach Washington Street at the waterfront. Go south past the Marina and park near the restrooms in the shipyard and you’ll have access to the water and see the breakwater. Swim out around the corner of the breakwater. During low tides, you can walk about half way there.

By boat, it is just outside the marina and south along the breakwater.

The Ranger is located a couple hundred feet up from the southeast corner and lying nearly parallel to the the breakwater (on the outside, not in the bay).

Thanks to NWD for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
Rooinater3/22/2010Rating: 3
Overall it was a good dive, we wound up hitting it on the lower end of the tide, so visibility was decreasing throughout the dive. Overall it was an interesting dive, but would of been better at a higher tide. To find it we just started at the one piling above water, followed a NW heading keeping 15 to 20 feet out from the submerged pilings where the bottom is noticeably steeper and we were able to see part the wreck outline.

ChevaYEA8/15/2009Rating: 3
Couldn't see a thing due to low visibility on this wreck today.

ChevaYEA1/16/2009Rating: 3
Enjoyable wreck with easy access. You can see the wreck from the surface so it is easy to find.

Slobert1/16/2009Rating: 3
Another shallow wreck in the port townsend area. Interesting structure with some overhead and penatration available. Its on a steep slop, so one side is rather shallow and the vis was poor.


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