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Alki Pipeline  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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On the corner of Beach Dr SW and 63rd Ave SW, Seattle, WA

Type: Saltwater
Snorkling, Beginner, Intermediate
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Good

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 5
Enjoyment: 3.83
Visibility: 4
Current: 1.5
Aquatic Life: 3.67

Photo Gallery:

Spiny Dogfish

Red Irish Lord
White Spotted Greenling
Burrowing Anemone
Sea Anemone
Painted Sea Anemone
Kelp Crab
CLose-up of a Tubesnout
Painted Greenling


Pipeline, Eel Grass Beds


The pipeline is not hard to find. Most of the bottom here is a large mud flat with some eel grass but the pipeline is buried by a pile of boulders. It is located pretty much right out from the little building in the circular cement landing right above the path to the beach entry point.

It is a shallow dive (15-40ft) but there is a wide variety of life growing on the pipeline. The boulders will begin to disappear after several hundred feet but if you follow a straight compass heading in the same direction you will come back up on more of them and the large mouth of the pipeline. There are some more boulders just beyond the mouth of the pipeline too.

At night, dog fish, skates and flounder can be seen in the sand if you shine your light off in the distance.

Special Restrictions:

Please be respectful of the nearby residents if diving at night.

How to get there:

The easiest way to get there from Seattle is by taking the west Seattle bridge, exit at SW Admiral Way and follow it until you come to 63rd Ave SW. Take a left and go until you hit the water at Beach Dr SW. Park along the beach side on Beach Dr SW and walk into the water.

Alternatively for a more scenic view, you can take the Harbor Ave ramp from the West Seattle Bridge, take a right onto Harbor Ave SW and follow it along the water around Alki point. It will turn into Alki Ave SW and then Beach Drive SW. Go until you come to the intersection of 63rd Ave SW and park next to the water.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
Chris3/17/2012Rating: 4
I had a good dive at Pipeline with a new dive buddy. The vis was great, about 40'. We saw a good variety of marine life on and in the rocks covering the pipeline.

corpunk9/3/2011Rating: 4
Great Dive with Chris, Jeremy and my son Mitchell. Very easy, relaxed, lots more sea life than I expected. Had issues with shallow depth and buoyancy, but we had BC's I wasn't familiar with. Overall a great time, great visibility, great company!

SwimmerTodd7/28/2007Rating: 5
It's funny - some of the people we have taken to this site didn't particularly enjoy it, but I absolutely love it! There is a large pipeline that runs out to about 35 feet that is completely covered in rocks which harbors some great marinelife. The site is ideal for dogfish and skates since there is nothing but grass and sand surrounding the pipeline. You are pretty much guaranteed to see dogfish and interact with them .

ChevaYEA8/21/2007Rating: 3
Visibility sucked a bit and we had a hard time finding the pipeline which is usually easy to do with better visibility. Still, it was a fun dive and a dogfish ran into me, twice!

ChevaYEA7/28/2007Rating: 4
This is a fun night dive! I thought it was going to be lame but I have dove this site several times and have really enjoyed every one of them. It is a shallow dive, about 10-30ft. Wander down to the beach and wade over to where the bottom turns to rocks directly in front of the round water treatment building (I know, I know). The pipeline is buried in rock and boulders so there is really nothing but sand and some eel grass beds to the right and left. The pipeline is covered in what ranges from small baseball size rocks to piles of chair sized boulders. The boulders have lots of sculpin, gunnels, some rock fish, etc. and many different varieties of anemones. Follow the pipeline out and keep your light scanning the sand flats to the sides of the pipeline. On each dive here we have seen several dogfish and some of them have even sat still enough for us to photograph them. On this last dive we fount a Giant Skate measuring 5ft from nose to tail – WOW! We peeked into the end of the pipeline but there is nothing in there to see, and who knows how safe it is anyway. The boulders will run out and you’ll need to follow your compass to find out where they pick up again if you want to see the end of the pipeline. Its pretty flat out there so it is easy to get turned around if you leave the pipeline but it is worth seeing the opening at the end and exploring the rocks at the mouth of it.


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