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Wreck of The Omar  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Shilshole Bay Barges
Seattle, WA

Type: Saltwater

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 3.75
Visibility: 3.25
Current: 2
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Jerem'y 15lb Cabazon
Decorated Warbonnet
Vermillion Rockfish
Copper Rockfish
Decorated Warbonnet
Monterey Sea Lemon Nudibrnach
Noble Sea Lemon Nudibranch
Striped Nudibranch
Cluster of Anemones


Large Wreck, Boulder Pile / Shelves


The Omar is a wooden Tug Boat located in about 70fsw. The hull remains mostly in tact while the deck has collapsed and is home to loads of rockfish, greenling and a surprising population of warbonnets. Exploring the Omar and the rocks make for a great dive alone.

There are two other wrecks at this location and the combination makes for a great day of diving. Although they could be reached from the Omar by scooter with nitrox or trimix, they are a bit too far to swim on air, at least not with any remaining bottom time to enjoy the dives. There are lines connecting the wrecks, but this is recommended as 3 separate dives.

The Shilshole Bay Horizontal Barge is about 200ft away roughly north in 90-95’ at the bottom. It is a huge metal barge that is nearly fully in tact and is the largest and deepest of the three.

The Shilshole Bay Vertical Barge is about 200ft away to the southeast of the Omar in 75’ at the bottom. This large metal wreck is very interesting because it sits on its side and stands 40ft from the bottom. The top is only about 35’ deep and makes for a great final dive of the day since it is shallower at the top.

Special Restrictions:

Be careful of boat traffic and derelict nets. Dive a live boat and fly a flag for safety.

How to get there:

Located directly North of Discovery Park in Shilshole Bay, Seattle, out in front of the marina and to the south near the Located in Shilshole bay west of the southern entrance of the marina below the Magnolia Bluffs. Look for a large, round Coast Guard buoy, sometimes it has barges tied to it.

The wreck is easily located about 100' NNW of the Coast Guard buoy using a depth finder (or GPS even better!) To get to the Omar without GPS, descend the chain below the buoy and swim North until you come to a large rock formation and turn NW (approx 335°) and swim about 75ft and you’ll come upon the Omar.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
ChevaYEA5/21/2011Rating: 3
Nice dive on the Omar. Visibility was only marginal today and we had quite a few divers on this small of a wreck. But still, lots of little stuff to look at. Nice dive!

Slobert3/6/2009Rating: 4
I liked this wreck, but then I am a tug boat fan. The hull still looks like a boat, but like most of our wrecks, the wheelhouse is long gone. But the engine is still there and there are lots of places for fish to hang out. A very enjoyable dive. The sandy bottom here is perfect for anchors wich is nice so that everyone can dive. Just be sure to anchor far enough away form the wreck so as not to snag it, but close enough so you can find the wreck once on the bottom and find your anchor at the end of the dive.

Matt_Tyler6/23/2008Rating: 4
This was a great dive. Beware though, the buoy today had a sea lion cage attached to it, which means that at the right time of year you are flirting with the possibility of getting buzzed, beaten or possibly raped by a sea lion. Your choice.

ChevaYEA6/23/2008Rating: 4
The omar is an interesting, small wreck with lots of life growing on it.


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