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The Boss  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Blakely Harbor, WA

Type: Saltwater

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 3
Visibility: 2.5
Current: 3.25
Aquatic Life: 4.5

Photo Gallery:

The Boss
The Boss
Rob and The Boss
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Northern Feather Duster
Invasive Tunicate
Clam Siphon at The Boss
Lingcod at The Boss


Large Wreck, Small Wreck,


The Boss is a 70 foot tug boat that has the bow and stern largely intact but no deck or wheelhouse and the mid section is collapsed. That could be because there is another smaller wooden vessel with engine still intact resting on the middle of the Boss. The Boss is roughly oriented east-west with its bow pointing towards Seattle. There is rumored to be a few more small wrecks close by, but we have not located them. There are a few rock piles and some debri. You can expect to see Lingcod, Rockfish, and perch on your visit plus the usual small critters found on such a wreck. The wreck is interesting and makes a good second or third dive after visiting the other deeper dives of Blakely Harbor.

Special Restrictions:

Beware of nails and other snags. There is sometimes a bouy marking the site. If not, patient scanning with a depth finder in the area described should find it.

How to get there:

The Boss is located along the south shore of Blakely Harbor aprox. due south of the Blakely harbor reefs on the north point of the Harbor. It is in about 50-55 feet of water off of the section of shore where the road comes down right to the waters edge and there are no houses, just trees. It is in the middle of this section of shore. It stands 10-12 feet off the otherwise flat bottom.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
ChevaYEA3/21/2009Rating: 3
Nice wreck for an easy dive in combination with the several reef dives found within Blakely Harbor. There was only a moderate amount of life on the wreck today when we dove it.

Matt_Tyler10/30/2008Rating: 4
I was happy with diving this wreck. Outside of the wreck the topography seemed pretty barren, but there were loads of perch and rock fish around the boat. On top of that we also saw a mossy head war bonnet and a grunt sculpin. Good times.

Slobert10/30/2008Rating: 3
Had a good dive here today. The vis was allright ( you could see about half the wreck at a time) but there were a ton of fish hanging around. Way more than last time I was here. I guess its just time of year. We saw a Yellow tail rockfish which I never see outside of canada, so that was cool. Plus lots of copper's and several good sized lings. A complete cloud of perch engulfed the wreck and painted greenllings scurried about the wreck itself. Matt found a grunt sculpin! Very cool.

bajabound4/1/2008Rating: 2
I was disappointed by the visibility on this dive - by far the worst I've seen in this area. We hit the wreck - with about 1-3 feet viz and explored for a while. It wasn't long before we got tired of losing each other and not being able to see jack. Saw a few ratfish and not much else.


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