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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Hood Canal

Sund Rock  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Hoodsport, WA

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited
Amenities: Restrooms

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 6
Enjoyment: 4.44
Visibility: 3.67
Current: 0.67
Aquatic Life: 4.11

Photo Gallery:

Wolf Eel
Vermilion Rockfish
Wolf Eel
GPO on the Trawler
Red Dendronotid
Vermilion Rockfish
School of Rockfish
Wolf Eel
Diver on the Trawler at Sund Rock
Copper Rockfish


Large Wreck, Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Sund Rock is a private dive cove in Hood Canal boasting two walls (North Wall and South Wall) that house many wolf eels, giant octos, lingcod, rockfish and more. Beyond the wall you’ll find gardens of sea whips. Past the North Wall there is a recent wreck of a fishing vessel. It is well protected from current but large incoming tide exchanges can stir up the water a bit. Visibility tends to be less than 20 feet, but that is plenty of visibility for this area.

South Wall: From the parking lot, you’ll find the South Wall right off the tip of the obvious rock outcrop/point to your right. There is a small trail from the south end of the lot that leads right to the rock or you can hop in and make a short swim over to it. Drop down the rock wall on the South side of the rocks and follow the channel along the base of the wall which drops down to about 60’ and work your way back up it, taking time to look in the boulders at the base and the holes burrowed in the rock for octopus and wolf eels.

North Wall: The North Wall is marked by a white buoy right off the water access on the north end of the parking lot. Drop at the Buoy and descend to the top of the wall. The maximum depth will take you to about 60-70’. If you head to the left and just after you see where the wall peters out, drop down and continue North a short distance and you’ll encounter an impressive sea whip garden. The North wall is smaller in width than the Southern wall but also houses wolf eels and octopus.

Ship Wreck: Look to the North of the lot and there is an Orange buoy marking the bow of the sunken fishing vessel. Surface swim to the buoy and descend or take a good compass heading from the North wall and trek it underwater. The swim will seem longer than you think if you do it underwater but rest assured, it is there.

Central Wall: As an added bonus for those that brought enough air to keep exploring this location, there is another short wall straight out in front of the parking lot between the North and South walls. The top starts at about 80’. Beyond that you’ll find more sea whips.

Special Restrictions:

In order to gain access to the site you’ll need to buy a permit. It costs $16 + tax per person for the day. You can pick up your pass at Hood Sport ‘n Dive which is just a few minutes from Sund Rock. They will give you directions and a description of the dive site, and offer Air, Nitrox and Trimix fills.

Visit Hood Sport ‘n Dive to check business hours. 24080 North Hwy 101, Hoodsport, 98548; tel. 360-877-6818

How to get there:

Sund Rock is found just north of Hoodsport on Hwy 101. Stop at Hood Sport ‘n Dive for your required pass. The entrance can be found just beyond the shop.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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Slobert10/11/2011Rating: 5
Two incedible dives. Stopped counting after 12 wolf eels. several out in the open. 3 good sized GPO's out in the open and a few more in dens. Lots of rock fish and huge schools of bait fish. Viz was about 20 feet though on this grey rainy day it was very dim at 100 feet but not dark enough for our lights to be effective...spooky.

Rocketdyner3/21/2011Rating: 5
We did 3 dives on a Sunny day at Sund Rock, The North Wall, Wreck and the south wall. Need to spend more time on the south wall. A great beginner dive - took my Wife as the first dive after getting dry suit certified. With the numerous GPO and Wolf Eel (her first sighting) we saw on the wall and the large Ling Cod on the very-good-condition wreck it was a great Monday vacation. From the South sound, this will be a long day - but definitely worth it. Next time, we'll rent more tanks at Hood SportNDive instead of taking them with us. Make sure to call ahead so you can pick up the gate key. He's leaves very good directions with the key if you ask - it is a little tricky getting to the site. The regularly serviced port-a-potty is excellently maintained and the large gear bench is awesome, especially when you are the only ones there - you can really stretch out. The bald eagles flying overhead topped off the whole weekend.

Chris10/11/2010Rating: 5
We dove Sund Rock during a period of great visibility and low dissolved oxygen which pushes the fish to the surface. The concentration of fish was really cool to see though the excitement is tempered because of the cause. Great dive site with easy access.

mpjohnso1/30/2010Rating: 5
We headed out to the bouy on the north wall. Descended along the mouring line and saw the wall as we were going down, Saw a Wolf eel right away and then continued down the wall. There is so much sea life that you can just sit and hover in one spot for several minutes and just take it all in . huge schools of big Black and Copper Back Rock Fish. Giant formations of Orange and White Plumose Anemonies, nudibranch, crabs, just amazing South wall contained a mated pair of wolf eels and two single wolf eels. This along with Flagpole, and Elephant wall are the best shore dives on the Canal. Simply awesome well worth the fee.

SwimmerTodd1/12/2008Rating: 5
What a great place to dive! There is so much to see. We spent 3 full tanks and still could have done double! The sea whips are something special and the the amount of life is fantastic. The only drawback is the amount of silt on the bottom. Very difficult to see anything for any amount of time before the silt cloud catches up to you.


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