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Mukilteo T Dock  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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The Muk
Mukilteo T Dock
Mukilteo, WA

Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Snorkling, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 3.5
Visibility: 4
Current: 4
Aquatic Life: 4.5

Photo Gallery:

Mukilteo T-Dock
Angel at Mukilteo
Black Eyed Goby
Saddle-back Gunnel
Red Penpoint Gunnel
Painted Greenling
Copper Rockfish
Pile Perch
Shiner Perch
Snake Prickelbacks
Dungeness Crab


2 Piers and a large Geo-Dome Debris, Structures,


This site is a favorite dive site for open water dive certification classes and makes for a great night dive or deep dive. With easy access, plenty of life and enough structure to be interesting, it also serves as a regular dive site for veteran divers too.

The bottom begins with large rocks and cobble stones until the 15-20' depth where it begins to drop off steeply. Straight out from the entry point there is a large road sign standing, difficult to make out what it once said, and a rope running parallel to shore toward the fishing pier. A little deeper at 50' there is a large geodome structure made of large PVC pipe. The pipes are virtually covered with small invertebrates (Jingles) and provides home to many copper rockfish. A statue of an angel sits in the center.

The bottom continues downward steeply to exceed recreational diving limits.

There is a pier to the right of the entry point where large schools of shiner and pile perch hang out, especially in summer months, and dungeness crab scurry along the bottom. The pilings are covered with mussels and barnacles and provide homes for many small sculpin and other creatures - look carefully!

There is a fishing pier to the left of the entry point heading toward to the ferry dock, best to steer clear of that one.

There is a chance to see nearly anything that lives in the Puget Sound waters, but permanent inhabitants include copper rockfish, bay gobies, pile perch, shiner perch, several types of gunnels, snake prickelbacks and various varieties of flatfish. Keep an eye out for dogfish, skates, nudibranchs, black rockfish and others.

Special Restrictions:

Current may be present. Walk back along the shore if swept away but please stay within the two piers and do not stray toward the ferry terminal.

How to get there:

The entry is found next to the Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo, very close to the ferry terminal. From I-5, take exit 189 and merge onto WA-526 toward the Mukilteo Ferry Dock.

Follow the signs all the way to the ferry dock - 526 becomes 84th St and you'll have to take a right to stay on it after the Boeing field, then a right onto 525 - until you get to the waterfront and take a right on Front Street (directly in front of the ferry terminal). Head 2 blocks and take and park next tot he Silver Cloud Inn (at the intersection of Front St and Park Ave).

There are only a few parking spaces near the water but you can use the parking lot across the street on the corner.

Thanks to reddiver for submitting this site!
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Matt_Tyler9/8/2008Rating: 4
Well, we were doing the dive just to basically knock off a new dive site. We were not expecting anything fantastic and were actually kind of lamenting that we weren't going to an old familiar spot to see stuff we already knew was cool. I immediately felt like diving this site was a good thing. As soon as I stuck my head in I was seeing all different types of perch and snake pricklebacks. We saw all kinds of other critters. All in all, I was very satisfied with this dive. I am not sure, however, that I would trek all the way to Mukilteo to dive just the T-dock

Slobert9/8/2008Rating: 3
Wasnt expecting much out of this dive but it was pretty fun. Lots of Snake Prickelbacks and sanddabs. Saw a bunch of gunnels, perch, crabs etc. We fallowed the pier out and kept going straight out and slightly left to a log at 100 feet or so. Rockfish and darkness. Came back up slope heading slightly right and found the Geo dome wich is pretty big! and had rockfish hanging out on it. Pretty cool. Wouldnt call this dive a must do, but if you live up north, or dont mind a drive from the south end of the sound and want to do something different, hit this dive fallowed by the Mukilteo state park.

ChevaYEA9/8/2008Rating: 3
Pleasant dive site. Great for beginners and veteran's alike with lots of fish to see. Easy to navigate.

Ryleycaldwell3/17/2008Rating: 4
This is a great place to dive at if you are rusty. There is not much current ever. Vis was perfect. Not much to really see during the day.


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