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Three Tree North Point  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Three Tree Point
Burien, WA

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 15
Enjoyment: 3.88
Visibility: 3.85
Current: 1.73
Aquatic Life: 4.08

Photo Gallery:

Wolf Eels
Stubby Squid
Ruby Octopus
Spiny Lumpsucker
Giant Pacific octopus on eggs
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Red Irish Lord
Saddle-back Gunnel
White Nudibranch


Small Wreck, Debris, Tire Reef, Junk Yard, Eel Grass Beds


The artificial reef structures teaming with fish are the main attraction to diving Three Tree. There are tire reefs, large piles of corrugated pipe, a junk yard of appliances, a few small boats (one still on its trailer) and even a large satellite dish. Swarms of ratfish are often encountered as you swim from item to item here. The reefs are home to large rock fish, ling cod, painted greenlings, octopus and more while you are likely to find sculpins and snake pricklebacks along the cobble and sandy bottom. There have been sightings of wolf eels, giant octos and six gill sharks at this location if you are lucky.

Special Restrictions:

Please be polite to the neighboring houses, especially at night.

Be careful, the bottom is pretty steep and it is easy to go deep if you are not paying attention. There can also be decent current during large tidal exchanges so you may want to head down the beach and allow yourself to drift back towards the entry point.

How to get there:

It is a little tricky to find this location so you will want to map it well. The easiest way is to find your way to 1st Ave S. and go west on 152nd ST all the way through Burien and down the hill. It turns to Maplewild Ave as you wind down the hill toward the water. Turn Right on a tiny little street called SW 170th Pl. That runs you a few hundred feet into the beach entrance. Park in the gravel spot to the left. There isnít very much parking but there arenít usually very many people either.

Once at the site, get your gear on at the car and walk down the short path to the cement slab at the water and there will be a few stairs to your right. You can hop in the water right here to begin your dive or walk op or down the beach to get closer to other attractions at this site.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
soakshishead112/10/2017Rating: 4
We did two dives a 3 Tree North this Sunday morning. First to the Junkyard. As usual it has a wide variety of fish and invertebrates including red octopuses, a GPO, 3 species of rockfish, lots of gunnels and perch. We found giant barnacles, scalyhead and buffalo sculpins featherduster worms, moon snails, shrimp, and sea stars. Our 2nd dive was on the tire reef in front of the entry. Those have been there so long that the giant barnacles are huge. We added to our list whitespotted greenling, and fringed tubeworms. I was counting species/abundance for REEF and my species count for both locations together was 32. Visibility was >25 feet. A good day of diving.

ChevaYEA3/9/2011Rating: 5
We saw a couple of good sized octopus, and all the regular Puget Sound variety of fish. Very nice night dive.

Rocketdyner12/4/2010Rating: 4
We dive this site regularly, however, this was the first dive since the storm had damaged the area. A new boat was in the water - you may see the large aluminum shards. There was also a damaged kayak at the bottom towards the east. The entry is now steeper to get down to the water as 2 feet of sand was taken from the beach but still very doable in and out.

LaynesterV7/24/2008Rating: 4
Great dive. Visibility was excellent, between 40 and 50 ft. It's quite an experience to be at 50ft depth and be able to see the surface. I've dove this sight several times, but tonight was the first time to visit the cabin cruiser. Current was kind of tricky and as we headed south, I wondered what the return trip was going to be. On the return, we moved up to about 45 ft. and the current was not too bad. Tonight must have been rat fish convention. The most I've ever seen at one place. Also tons of flat fish. Overall a very good dive.

Matt_Tyler5/26/2008Rating: 4
We headed southwest to the cabin cruiser boat wreck. Although the landscape at Threetree isn't all that impressive, there is an abundance of life. I am actually impressed with this site because I always see something neat. This time we saw a ton of rockfish, ratfish, gunnels, ling cod, painted greenlings and Giant Pacific Octopi. I even saw one octopus shoot her tentacle out, grab a crab and rip it in HALF. It happened so quickly that I didn't even realize what I had just seen until I saw her handling the halves of the crab in her tentacles. I had no idea that GPOs could move so insanely fast.


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