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Sunrise Motel & Dive Resort

Sunrise Motel
Frank's Place
24520 Hwy 101N, Hoodsport , WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Technical
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Photo Gallery:

a perfect day at Sunrise Motel

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Small Wreck, Tire Reef, Pipeline, Junk Yard,


There are several artificial reef structures including a few small wrecks, tires, pipes etc. Lots of life can be found at this site including large schools of perch and rock fish, nudibranchs, GPO's, wolf eels, small boats, anemones, bioluminesence, and more! There is a line from the pilings on the right side of the dock to 3 small wrecks.

Special Restrictions:

As a scuba diving instructor, bringing students here can make their first open water diving experience fun, safe, easy, and memorable. They have lodging and a compressor on site and can fill high pressure tanks.

How to get there:

Located on HWY 101 about 1/2mi north of Hoodsport N Dive, and 2mi south of Sund Rock.
This dive site is located at Sunrise Motel & Dive Resort, a perfect dive friendly hotel on Hood Canal with easy access to the local dive shop and other popular dive sites such as Sund Rock.

Thanks to carlos6466 for submitting this site!
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carlos646610/6/2013Rating: 4
Every time I go to Sunrise I find something new. I had been told that there was a boat somewhere out there at about at 100ft, but no one seemed to be able to find it. I decided to take a heading of 90 from the small boat (home to a GPO) next to large cut open cylinders (home to a couple wolf eels), and go out past the sea pens. it usually looks pretty baron but the visibility was great and the water was like glass on the surface.

suddenly i came upon it and it was a nice sized boat with lots of life hanging around. i saw the biggest lingcod ever! his head must have been the size of a soccer ball and he had to be almost 4ft long. on the way back, you could see the emerald green glow these waters are known for. i could see some pretty large schools of rock fish, too. as i made my way around to the port side, i could see another boat. its upside down, so be sure to look underneath.

I've been seeing more sailfin sculpin, a squid or two, prawns, crabs, greenlings, sole, and a plethora of starfish, anemones, and jellies as the water is getting clearer.

its usually about 50F, so be sure to be drysuit diving. Frank, the owner lets me run line, and now there is a route from one of the pylons on the right side of the dock out to all three boats.

I'm going to go out a little further next time and look for 6-gill sharks!


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