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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Puget Sound - South

Waterman's Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Waterman's Point
5602 E Lighthouse Dr , Port Orchard, WA

Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Advanced, Technical

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 4.25
Visibility: 3.5
Current: 2.25
Aquatic Life: 3.5

Photo Gallery:

Giant Pacific Octopus
Waterman's Wall Marker
Home Sweet Barnacle
Copper Rockfish
Tube Feet
Sea Cucumber
Rock Crab
Orange Sea Pen
Sampling of Waterman's Wall


Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves


This wall has the three D's. Itís deep, dark, and dangerous. If you are an accomplished diver and like walls, you need to dive here. If you are an intermediate diver, you should find a charter or someone to take you and help you have a safe dive. This wall is much more rugged than most Puget Sound walls. It has lots of jagged features with shelves, cracks, boulders and such. It gives you the sense of mountain climbing under water as this cliff would look at home on a Cascade mountain. The top of the wall starts at 50-70 feet. It is jagged, so the depth depends on where you hit it. The bottom is 130-175 feet, at least from what I saw. My last dive here was to 150 feet and I couldnít see the bottom. There are scallops, giant barnacles and many starfish to represent some of the invertebrates. Rockfish, Sculpin, Cabazon, Lingcod, Octo's, and Wolf eels can be found here too. If you are lucky, you may even see a Red Brotula.

Special Restrictions:

This site is super exposed to current including water falling currents so dive at SLACK with a small exchange. This is traveled by lots of boats including ferries so use a dive flag and avoid a free accent in the channel, or it could be your last.

How to get there:

Watermanís point is located NE of Port Orchard and is across from the SW corner of Bainbridge Island. The point is marked by a prominent Navigational maker on a concrete base a few feet out from shore. The wall is found by heading out from this marker towards a little red house on the opposite shore (towards Bremerton). This will place you right over the steepest portion of the wall. I find it best to anchor in the cove just to the west of the marker in front of the two houses with sandy beaches cut out of the rock. The cobble bottom gives good hold for your anchor here.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
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ChevaYEA9/6/2008Rating: 5
I dove here last year after some big storms and there wasn't much life on the wall but it appears that it is coming back. There was a lot of color (if you a light!), lots of fish and even a GPO in the open cruising down the face of the wall at about 80'. We hit it at slack and there was a moderate current but not unmanageable. It was a great dive.

Matt_Tyler10/7/2017Rating: 4
It was a pretty cool wall to dive. The wall itself was pretty rough and rocky, and not as smooth as other walls such as Deadman's Wall. While walls like Deadman's feel more dramatic, I actually enjoyed this one a lot because there was life to be seen at every depth. Most notably there were some huge Lingcod, and Cabazon. There were also some of the other usuals...Rockfish, Painted Greenlings and so forth. A word to the wise though: The wall doesn't change much below safe diving limits (120ft. - 130ft.), so just know that you are taking a bigger risk to see the same stuff if you go deeper.

Slobert10/7/2017Rating: 4
Had a great dive here today. There is too much to see in one dive. I can't wait to go back for more exploration. A ferry went by while we were down and even though we were deep, it felt like it was going to run us over. It sure doesn't help if you are allready feeling a little narced! Make sure you and your buddies set a depth limit before the dive, as its soo easy to get tempted to go deeper and deeper as the wall just keeps on going. Also, the best part of the wall is not very wide, so be sure to fallow the directions to get to the steepest part of the wall.

ChevaYEA10/17/2007Rating: 4
This site was easy to find based on these directions. The face of the wall had more structure that other walls that I have dove in the area leaving plenty of nooks and crannies for sea life to hide out in. We saw a Red BrotulaÖNICE! We went deep on this dive so most of our adventure was exploring vertically but Iím looking forward to another dive to spend more time swimming the length of the wall.



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