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Cutts Island  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Dead Man's Island
Kopachuck State Park
10598 56th St NW, Gig Harbor, WA

Type: Saltwater
Snorkling, Beginner
Amenities: Public Mooring

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 2
Enjoyment: 5
Visibility: 4
Current: 0
Aquatic Life: 3

Photo Gallery:


Boulder Pile / Shelves, Eel Grass Beds


The southwest tip of the island is very shallow (15-20 ft) and is covered with boulders for several hundred yards where a large variety of small marine life and endless rock crab can be found. A great spot for snorkeling. The west side of the island has a gradual slope with an endless bed of sea lettuce and Dungeness crab. The east side is slightly steeper and is home to eel grass beds. The large variety of substrate around this island makes it an entertaining dive site with potential to see a wide variety of sea life. There is fantastic clamming for Hose and Geoduck on the west side and the season is usually open much longer than Kopachuck.

Special Restrictions:

There is no overnight camping allowed on the island.

How to get there:

Cuts Island is a fun and easy dive site for any experience level diver, whether you make the trip out to Kopachuck to check out the barge, or just looking for an overnight get away on your boat. This small island just north of Fox Island is accessible only by boat keeping it secluded and full of marine life. There are public mooring buoys on the east side of the island facing Kopachuck State Park. There is fantastic clamming for Hose and Geoduck on the west side and the season is usually open much longer than Kopachuck.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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SwimmerTodd5/12/2007Rating: 5
This is crabbing paradise! You can see from our depth that you can stay down forever! The bottom is straight cobblestone and boulders, so it is an ideal environment for crabbing.

Slobert8/21/2007Rating: 5
The island is a great place for snorkeling or freediving! Get your friends on your boat and in the water and maybe you will recruite some new dive buddies! Several Statepark mooring bouy's for your boat at Cutts island, or at the state park.


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