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Alki Junkyard

Alki and 64th
Alki Beach
Alki Ave. SW and 64th Ave SW, Seattle, WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Photo Gallery:

Small Sea Pen
U lookin' at me (C-O Sole)
California Sea Cucumber
Tube Worm
Junkyard Entry Point
Red Rock Crab
Grunt Sculpin
Grunt Sculpin
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Pair of Crescent Gunnels

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Debris, Tire Reef, Junk Yard, Eel Grass Beds


Head straight out from the entry point at the end of the Sea Wall. Descend along the bottom over the eel grass beds then sandy bottom until you come to a rope line running parallel to shore (ranging from 40-50ft deep, depending on where you hit it) Follow it in either direction exploring the artificial “junk” reef. Everything from tires to toilets filled with small critters like Grunt Sculpin, Gunnels, Black Eyed Gobys, Nudibranchs, Rock Fish, Greenling, Perch, and more. This site is of interest due to the easy access during all hours of the day or night, the variety of small life and the gradual sloping bottom that makes it an easy dive when done near slack or on low exchanges. If current does sneak up on you, simply ascend along the bottom to the beach and hike your way back to your car!

Special Restrictions:

Watch for current and be polite at night and don't make too much noise and upset the residents in the nearby houses.

How to get there:

Take the West Seattle bridge to the Harbor Ave. SW exit. Follow Harbor Ave SW past Alki Coves 1,2 and 3, past the Don Armini Ramp until the road turns into Alki Ave. SW. Continue until you come to 64th Ave Sw And park along the road wherever you can find parking. You want to enter the water at the very last stari case at the end of the sea wall before the residential homes start.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Reviews Leave Review  
Chris3/17/2012Rating: 4
I dove this site as part of a club dive and saw some great life. Visibility was good. We saw an octopus, and a variety of nice invertebrates. We also saw a seal pup carcase :(. Other in our group saw a wolf eel in the stack of I beams.

SwimmerTodd9/22/2007Rating: 4
You won't be wowed by anything on this dive as far as structures, but if you can take time to look at the small things, you'll have a blast. You can see by the pictures we have posted that there is plenty of small marine life to enjoy.

ChevaYEA9/22/2007Rating: 3
For some reason diving a site called “the junkyard” hadn’t appealed to me but I finally gave in and tried the site out. It was a very easy location to find and to get into the water. The rope is at about 40-50 feet and easy enough to find. The structures that it runs through are not very large or impressive but it was a relaxing dive made all the better by the cool macro photography opportunities that presented itself. Not a lot in the way of larger fish species but lots of varieties of small ones. I would recommend trying the site out.


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