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Keystone Jetty

Fort Casey State Park
Whidby Island, WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Access: Moderate Shore Entry
Parking: Limited
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Photo Gallery:

Giant Pacific Octopus
Scalyhead Sculpin
Sunstar under the wharf
Keystone Jetty
Keystone Pilings
Keystone Jetty from Fort Casey

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Keystone Jetty is an rocky breakwater near the KIeystone ferry dock that is just thriving with life. Carpets of Plumose and other invertebrates cover the rocks which are teaming with Rockfish and Lingcod. This site is absolutelly beautiful. Breath taking actually.

The jetty is exposed for about 1/2 of its lengh. The end of the exposed portion is about 30ft deep and continues in the same direction underwater to about 60ft. funny animal pictures funny pictures funny images funny photos

Special Restrictions:

Make sure you time this at slack, it could be very dangerous if not timed right. Stay to the outside of the jetty and do not venture iside where the ferry passes.

How to get there:

The Jetty is located right next to the Port Townsend/Keystone ferry dock on Whidby Island. Parking is fairly limited. There is often a ranger there that can help you find a spot close to the beach too.

Thanks to britany_shelton for submitting this site!
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SeahorseDeb 10/12/2014Rating: 4
Dove this just ahead of slack tide, no current at all, the kelp was pretty still. Plentiful large Ling Cod, beautiful Plumose Anemone. We drove from Spokane-- well worth our time and expense to dive this site!

dennis howie11/14/2010Rating: 5
I freedive this every weekend.I love taking photos as this has more life than anything in washington .Easy walk to water,hot showers.What more do you want!!!.

Nino7/12/2008Rating: 4
Tides were pretty good for this time of year so my ongoing dive instructer decided to take a student to this site for his 1st open water dives. I just had to tag along! Vis on the 1st dive was terrible; 5-10 ft but it was low tide. 2nd dive at high tide was MUCH better! What a fun dive site! The jetty looks small from the beach but I could easy spend hours exploring it. TONS of life. I missed it but I guess the best part was the pyscho 3 1/2 ft dogfish trying to get face-to-face with the newbie and the instructor. Apparently it took a couple good whacks with a dive light before it decided to look for meals elsewhere. All this missed excitement and i was only 10 ft below them! Overall - loved it! Can't wait to hit it again. Best of all was how the new guy did. He looked completely comfortable even with the current and poor vis on the 1st dive!

britany_shelton9/9/2007Rating: 5
I still can't breathe. This place took my breathe away. Got to see it to believe it. I recommend this to EVERY advanced diver. Puts every other dive site to shame.


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