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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Puget Sound - South

Maury Island Barges  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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The Barges
Maury Island, WA

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Amenities: Public Mooring

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 6
Enjoyment: 3.71
Visibility: 3.57
Current: 1.57
Aquatic Life: 4.14

Photo Gallery:

Dolphins (Pilings)
Black-Eyed Goby
Feather Dusters
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Cucumber Vent
The Barges
Encrusting Bryozoa


Large Wreck, Debris,


The barges were once quite a site, but alas the effects of tide and time, not to mention other boats knocking them down, are reducing them to piles of rotting wood scraps. None the less, itís still a decent dive, with chunks of the barges still intact creating hiding places for perch, lingcod and rockfish. You will usually see quite a few kelp greenling and ratfish here as well.

The barges are located at the base of the three southern most dolphins, running diagonal from the dolphins to the south east. The water is only about 30-40' deep at the base of the dolphins, descend them and swim downhill and you will begin to encounter debris from the barges in about 40-50'. The barges intersect so you can easily swim from the remains of one barge to the others. Max depth is about 80' at the stern of the deepest barge.

There is also the hull of a fiberglass cabin cruiser just below the first set of dolphins to the south of the conveyer belt in about 50'. Drop down the dolphin or swim north from the barges. It is approximately a 45ļ swimming north-east from the base of the dolphin.

Spend you safety stop checking out the pilings. The pilings are in shallower water the closer to the conveyer belt you get (probably due to debris over the years falling off the belt).

Special Restrictions:

The Maury Island Barges are pretty well protected from current but please check the conditions on site and be your own judge. Otherwise, look out for fishing line and hooks, and fly a dive flag as this is a popular site for dive charters and fishermen.

How to get there:

Maury Island is to the East of Maury Island which is on the east side of Vashon Island connected by a man-made strip of land. The Barges are located directly in front of an old gravel quarry about halfway down the east coast of the island. If coming from the north, you will see a large community of houses, then an area of the hillside is barren of trees with some exposed dirt slopes and roads. The old conveyer is still in place and confirms you are at the right pier. The conveyer ends at a row of pilings parallel to the shore. Tie up to any of the southern most clusters of pilings (called dolphins). the barges were tied to the pilings when they sank so just descend the and swim downward. There are three barges between the convyer and the southern most piling. The pilings are in 30-40 feet of water.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
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noaadiver1/21/2011Rating: 4
We've been collecting lingcod eggs at verious rocky sites in Puget Sound for research. The woody structure of this site is a nice change from rocky habitat. The site is sheltered from south westerly winds and was calm even though the weather was bad.

John R9/25/2009Rating: 4
This was an AOW dive with Bandito Charters. The students and I really enjoyed this site and the variety of life we encountered: several red irish lords, what may have been a juvenile cabezon and a mature red octo out in the open. Although it is simply a large debris field, it makes for great critter habitat. We did this first as a daylight dive and then after dark - two completely different dives.

ChevaYEA10/18/2008Rating: 3

Chris8/24/2007Rating: 4
I was really surprised how much this site has deteriorated since the last time I dove here in 1999. It's still a nice dive but completely different than it was in the past. Dive tip: Always charge your light. Mine went out on our safety stop. I had a back up but didn't take it out as we were done with the dive. -Chris

Slobert12/2/2007Rating: 4
I enjoyed this dive. It is a good second dive after KVI tower, though I am not sure It is worthy of being your sole destination of the day.



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