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Battleship Island west side  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Battleship Island

Type: Saltwater-OpenOcean
Intermediate, Advanced

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 1
Enjoyment: 5
Visibility: 5
Current: 2
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Noble sea lemon
Opalescent nudibranch
PS King crabs, 1 before molting and 1 after
Clown nudibranch
Puget Sound king crab


Wall, Kelp Forest


The island is a preserve so don't go ashore. Underwater the wall starts at 15 feet with kelp and descends to about 65 feet with some shelves along the way. Most of the rock is covered with invertebrates because of the current including urchins, orange cup corals, orange social ascidians, chitons, nudibranchs, Oregon tritons, shiny orange sea squirts, sea stars and more. Fish includes lingcod, rockfish, greenlings, sculpins. The highlight is finding large Puget Sound king crab. Often they are just molted so the colors are magnificent. They are protected - do not take any of these crab.

Special Restrictions:

This is ok for intermediate divers if you hit the slack. However the current picks up quickly so get out immediately if it starts while you are underwater. Keep the live boat off-shore a bit to not disturb the island wildlife.

How to get there:

This is the west side of Battleship Island, just north and west of the entrance to Roche Harbor. It is very current sensitive so check your currents before entering. It is live boat diving only as there is no pace to anchor. Put in at the center of the island and go north.

Thanks to soakshishead1 for submitting this site!
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soakshishead17/16/2017Rating: 5
We put in at the center of the island and went down to about 40 feet looking for the Puget Sound king crabs. We found 5 adults, a couple that had not yet molted and 3 that had molted and were showing magnificent colors. The vis was great for the San Juans, up to 40 feet at times. Lots of fish including a swim-by from a dogfish shark.


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