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Titlow Beach
Tacoma, WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Photo Gallery:

Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Short Plumose Anemones
Mossy-Headed Warbonnet
Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Pygmy Rock Crab
Mossy-Headed Warbonnet
Limpet upon Limpet
Giant Pacific Octopus
Immer with a Giant Pacific Octopus
On the move!

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Debris, Structures, Boulder Pile / Shelves


The main diving attraction at Titlow is the spectacular piling breakwater that has been over grown by plumose anemones and a host of other sea life. This breakwater has been nicknamed the Cathedral by divers in the area. Though shallow (30-40ft), the view is beautiful and there is a large variety of fish and invertebrates at this site.

There are also some short 1-4ft high shelves scattered in 35-45ftsw a couple hundred yards to the south of the cathedral that frequently house wolf eels and giant octopus. The shelves are quite long and interesting to explore once you are finished with the cathedral.

Special Restrictions:

This is an advanced dive due to current potential. Some divers enjoy this dive in the current as a chance to drift dive but be advised, it can really move here and caution should be taken when planning the dive. This area is a marine preserve so harvesting ANYTHING is prohibited.

How to get there:

Titlow is located just south of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge by Day Island. Take the Jackson Street exit from WA-16 and go South until you come to 6th. Take a Right on 6th and it will take you all the way to the water at Titlow. Right next to the water there are a few tables that are great for putting on and removing your gear and a shower. Enter the water near the stairs next to the right of the shower. The breakwater is sticking up straight in front of you.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Reviews Leave Review  
sharkman.ed3/9/2014Rating: 3
OK, this was my second time at Titlow in the last month. This dive we hit the slack very well and toured the (very small) ledge and the old ferry dock pilings along with the trip between the two locations. No GPO's, no wolf eels, ok that can happen. One or 2 rockfish and one ling on the whole dive - hum sort of slim. Three species of nudibranchs - well better. Lots of metridium on the pilings - yes nice but not distinctive. I opinion is this site is a bit over-rated. It gets no better than a 3 from me.

Lancer 1313/5/2014Rating: 5
I have dove there on 2 diffrent ocastions about 10 of us dove to the breakers went through the pileings and it wipped us around the end and the next thing I knew was I was at the end of the line to go through again. 2nd dive of the day current getting stronger had to hug the bottom dove against the current and drift dived back what a great time.

themightysteveo5/29/2013Rating: 4
This was a dive for a current class and was a ton of fun! The current is strong but managable. The depth is pretty constant out to the pilleons which are covered in plumose anenomes as well as full of life. Great dive!

Grneyed SCUBA Diva1/12/2009Rating: 5
This is my favorite area to dive. Other than making sure the current is working with you, and not sending you toward Olympia, the dive is great. The most abundant anemonies on pilings. Did my fish ID dive there and had 5 identified in under 30 seconds. Great and abundant life in the area.

Matt_Tyler12/27/2008Rating: 3
I love this site because of the life here that almost always includes a gigantic GPO, and I love drifting with the current.


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