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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Puget Sound - South

Alki , Cove 1   |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Seacrest Park
West Seattle, WA

Type: Saltwater
Snorkling, Beginner, Intermediate
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Good
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 5
Enjoyment: 4.2
Visibility: 4
Current: 0.2
Aquatic Life: 3.4

Photo Gallery:

Pile Perch
Orange sea pen (Ptilosarcus gurneyi)
View from Alki Cove 1
Northern Cling Fish
Red Irish Lord




This site is often overlooked by divers who want to see the sights of nearby Cove 2, however this is a less crowded alternative and a great place to snorkel and free dive. There is a small pier, and several pilings to check out. The pilings are in 25-35 feet of water so the advanced free diver can reach the bottom. The upper part of the pilings provide stuff for the beginning free diver to explore. The shore is rip-rap and also has many treasures to find. Here you will see many small sculpins, and if lucky maybe a Red Irish Lord, Staghorn Sculpin or Gunnel. Starry Flounders and Sand Dabs can be found on the sandy or cobbled sections of the bottom. I sometimes see Ratfish and lingcod and Small Rockfish. In the summer both Striped and Pile perch can be seen. I once saw a Plainfin Midshipman here. I would rate it pretty low as a dive site, but a great free dive site. Even now that I am certified I enjoy night free dives here sometimes.

Special Restrictions:

The City of Seattle requires you to have a dive flag. You have been warned.

How to get there:

Seacrest Park is on Alki Point in West seattle. Cove 1 is the cove right next to Salty's Restaurant.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
GirlDiver2/18/2011Rating: 4
This is a site I use regularly for training students and for doing Discover Local Diving for kids. With a reef at 15 - 20' directly out from the shore, divers do not need to go deep or far at this site to be surrounded by a variety of fish found in the sound. Kelp crab, perch, rock fish and nudibranchs can all be found in this site. A perfect site for an intro dive to the Puget Sound with no current or harsh beach entry to contend with.

SwimmerTodd10/10/2007Rating: 4
We went back to look for the chunk of boat, but we missed it. Looking back, I think we were too deep and swam past it. Our plan was to swim to the deep end of the boat to see how big it was - apparently not very. Still a fun deep dive though! We saw a white spotted greenling with her eggs - very cool.

RyanB9/25/2007Rating: 5
We went out deep on a night dive hoping to see some six-gill, no luck there. We did come across a big piece of a boat or something out there. It was kind of freaky to come around the corner of that boat and see an air tank sitting there, no worries though, there is nobody attached to it. Other than that big chunk of metal there isn't much to see out deep beyond the pilings just flat silty bottom.

ChevaYEA9/7/2026Rating: 4
After many dives in the adjacent Cove 2, we finally came to Cove 1 for a night dive and it was more fun than I expected. We saw a large variety of fish including Cabezon and Clingfish. The pilings are interesting to look at but it was even more fun to explore the old pipeline that runs out in the water and the still in use storm run off. The fresh water comes rolling out and waterfalls upwards. There was more life in the shallow water than in deeper water. If you swim straight out from the pilings to about 90-95ft and take a left you will come across a large “hunk” of a ship. Otherwise it is pretty sandy/sitly on the bottom in the deep area.

SwimmerTodd5/26/2007Rating: 4
There isn't as much to look at here as Cove 2, but the pilings are worth seeing. We actually started and ended the dive in Cove 1 and went to the "HoneyBear" boat the lays between Cove 1 and 2 at about 50 feet for the bulk of our dive.


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