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Blakely Harbor Reefs  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Metridium Wall
Liker's Reef
Port Blakely
Bainbridge Island, WA

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Amenities: Public Mooring

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 8
Enjoyment: 4.4
Visibility: 4
Current: 1.6
Aquatic Life: 3.4

Photo Gallery:

White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Yellow Margin Dorids
Golden Dirona
Nobel Sea Lemons
Orange and White Tip Nudibranch
Zoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
Nobel Sea Lemon
Yellow Margin Dorid
Nanaimo Nudibranch
Leopard Dorid
Golden Dirona


Wall, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves, Eel Grass Beds


Blakely Harbor is a fantastic location for divers or all levels. It is well protected from the currents and weather, and is in close proximity to boat launches (such as Alki). Since this location requires boat access it is less frequented by divers thus teaming with countless varieties of fish and invertebrates. There are three dive sites marked with large orange mooring buoys at the point.

  • Northern Buoy: Metridium Wall

    As you hit the bottom of the line at about 30' turn north and swim through the short crevice. Turn right when it opens up and you’ll be at a beautiful life covered wall, only about 12’ high but covered with creatures. From here you can swim all around the stacked rocky reef and follow a narrow finger down to greater depths. The southern side of the finger exposes more short walls and ledges.

  • Middle Buoy: Liker's Reef

    It isn’t a true Pinnacle but rather a very dynamic finger jetting out from the point then has a series of walls and abrupt ledges all the way around. From the bottom of the buoy line turn west toward shore and you’ll swiftly be greeted by exciting structures that possess endless possibilities to explore. The top is as shallow as 8’ in at its highest point and drops off on both the north and south sides to 30-60’.

  • Southern Buoy: The Boulders

    The bottom of the buoy line sits beyond 70’ so it is an exciting drop into a series of very large boulders and rocky structures. Though the reef life in this area is more sterile that the other two sites in the harbor, it still boasts some large lingcod and interesting landscapes.

This site can be entertaining to the Free Diver too! Try out the center Buoy and swim toward shore until you see the top of the pinnacle, or you can anchor near the shore and explore the beginnings of the fingers. This site may be accessed by shore from Rockaway Beach Park at Norrander's Reef if you are willing to make a long surface swim along the shore, or by kayak form the same beach.

Special Restrictions:

Please be quite and respectful of the private shoreline. There are nice houses all along the shore and it is all private. Please don’t give divers a bad rep and stay off the beach and keep the noise down.

How to get there:

Blakely Harbor (or Port Blakely depending on the map) is on the Southeast corner of Bainbridge Island. The rock reefs are on the northeast corner of the harbor mouth and are marked with large oarnge mooring buoys.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
ChevaYEA3/21/2009Rating: 4
We saw lots of nudibranch varieties on the Metridium Wall today. Some HUGE lemons, but also a giant, some nanaimos, plenty of white lined dironas, golden dironas, clowns, etc. Nice dive.

Jesse Tourne7/28/2008Rating: 5
Very fun dive. My brother and i went out with our friends Rob and Matt. We went out on Rob's boat. It is a fun dive and well worth the time spent out there. over by blakley rock there is a bunch of harbor seals and if the current is not to bad you can go out and play with them but we didn't get the chance because of the current we had.

SwimmerTodd11/3/2007Rating: 5
You could spend days exploring all of the fingers and structures at this site. The terrain is beautiful, the fish are huge, and you can dive it in large exchanges! I can't think of anything else you could want! Each of the 3 buoys is a different experience altogher - each a great time.

Slobert11/7/2007Rating: 5
Dove the northern bouy on the finger today. A great fallow up to China wall. more ling and rock fish, and an octo that looked like he got chewed up a bit by something. In the last two weeks I have done a couple of dive here on on the other two bouys to the south. Really a pretty place to dive!

ChevaYEA10/25/2007Rating: 4
Two night dives at this site tonight. We dove the Boulders on our first dive and the Fingers on our second. The boulders are at about 70’ and are literally that, a bunch of very large boulders. Not a lot of inverts on them and a surprisingly small amount of metridium but some monstrous Lingcod. They were cool and it was fun to explore, but I prefer the other two sites at this location over the boulders. Still, it’s worth checking out if you have a chance.

The Fingers are beautiful. The buoy is anchored on top of one of them at the end of a small channel that runs Northward. Swim through it and take a right at the end and you’ll be on a small wall covered in metridium. Lots of life on it.


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