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Eagle Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Lilliwaup, Washington

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 2
Enjoyment: 4.5
Visibility: 3.5
Current: 2
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Eagle Wall Bluff

Black Rockfish
sea whips colony
anemonie, sea squirt, and small shrimp.

small crab and anemonie
Water Jelly
Stubby Squid Eggs
White Nudibranch
Tube Dwelling Anemone


Wall, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Eagle Wall is an exciting wall dive with very minimal depths and lots of life. The large rock bluffs visible above shore continue the same structure beneath the water cascading down to 70'+ in sheer drops, rolling rock ledges and large crevices. Makes a great follow-up dive to Flagpole or for divers who are still becoming comfortable with diving on walls without having to worry about depth. Experienced divers will enjoy the geography at this site too.

There are some small ledges about 10' deep in the cove to the south (a great anchorage spot) that lead to the point of the rocky protrusion that marks the beginning of the wall. The dive site consists of the whole area north toward the tallest portion of the bluff. Large schools of black rockfish can be seen in the deeper portions of the wall and lots of invertebrates, sculpin, greenling, gobies and perch will be seen on the upper portions of the wall.

Special Restrictions:

Sheer drop-offs. Anchor out of the wind in one of the coves to the north or south. check anchor upon decent because much of the bottom is rock.

How to get there:

Located directly south of Flagpole (just south of Mikes' Beach Resort) along the sheer granite bluff that drops into the water. The words PRIVATE are painted onto the rock and on other rocks to the south.

Anchor in the little cove to the south of the little rocky protrusion. The depth is about 30'. Either surface swim or descend and explore toward the rock face.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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mpjohnso11/7/2009Rating: 5
Great dive ,long surface swim from the cove, but managable with a short rest stop. A great wall dive that bottoms out @ 90 feet. All kinds of life, huge black rockfish, gobies, and copperback rockfish. Also a cool sea pin colony., in the shallows small rockfish, perch, lemon peel nudi's and white nudibranch, also small crabs. visability was between 20-30 feet. Thanks to my dive buddie Dave for a wonderful weekend.

Slobert5/12/2009Rating: 4
While heading to jorstad creek by boat, we saw a rocky cliff that appeared to drop straight into the water. we pulled up and the depth finder showed a wall. Found a place to anchor and had a great dive. We asked the locals if this place had a name, it didnt seem to, so after seeing over a dozen bald eagles at this cliff...eagle wall it is.


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