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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Hood Canal

Pulali Point - East Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Brinnon, Washington

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced, Technical

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 3
Enjoyment: 4.67
Visibility: 3.33
Current: 1
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Pulali Point East Wall
fish eating anemonie and seacucumber
ling cod with squat lobster in foreground
giant white nudibranch
female pacific octapus with eggs
Puget Sound Rockfish
Boring Sponges
Painted Greenling
Ochre Star


Wall, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Pulali Point East Wall is among the most popular boat dive sites in Hood Canal due to the dynamically cascading reef structures that truly warrant multiple dives. The large sheer bluff above the water marks the extent of this reef, being a few hundred yards long. There are multiple fingers of rugged rocky structure that begin to appear about 40' deep, in some areas measuring as much as 50 yards wide, and extend outward in walls, crevices, and ledges to depths over 150' depending on the particular section. The rocky underwater bluffs are separated by areas of silty sand so find one of them and explore, saving the others for another dive.

In the water, descend the slope to a depth of about 60' - 70'. If you have not encountered any rocky structure at this point then turn one way or another and swim until you encounter one of the jagged fingers of the reef.

In the deep regions of this site you can expect to see large schools of blacks rockfish and multiple other rockfish species, lingcod and greenling. Keep an eye out for octopus hiding in their dens within the crevices of the reef. Although often overlooked at this site, the shallower water is colorfully arrayed with varieties of kelp, sponges, tunicates, nudibranchs and crab. Small fish dart among rocks providing entertainment during safety stops.

Special Restrictions:

Watch your depth. There are many sheer drops here that can easily lure divers deep.

How to get there:

A long rocky cliff, a few hundred yards long is easily identified on the southeast end of Pulali Point. A white marker to the far east end of the bluff assures you that you are in the right spot. The dive site expands this entire area. Anchor somewhere in the middle or slightly west of middle in 20'-30' deep. Check your anchorage upon descent because much of the bottom is bedrock.

Pulali Point South Tip is a shallow reef around the point to the west.
Pulali Point West Reef is another deep reef located farther around the point in Jackson Cove.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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mpjohnso7/5/2009Rating: 4
Wonderful dive, huge rock overhangs that when explored with a light reveal beautiful colors of purple, oranges, and yellow's on the rock's. Huge black rockfish and the assortmant of copperback, quillback rockfish, bar perch and black eye gobies. Vis was great froom 45-65 feet and 30 feet to the surface. 30 - 45ft, 10 feet vis. Dove with Pacific Adventures out of Plesant harbor Marina. Great charter!!!

Slobert5/1/2009Rating: 5
LOVED this site. This site is worthy of several tanks to check it out and I am looking foward to returning. The viz was about a foot on the way down, but opended up at depth and the structure and fish are amazing. A must do in the hood canal.

ChevaYEA5/1/2009Rating: 5
Wow, this is a great dive site! there is so much to explore and it is easy to find the reefs. We hit 70' and took a right and ran right into one of them. Sheer walls and ledges stair-stepped to our left and boulders and ledges continued up to our right nearly to our safety stop area. Even the shallows had many small ledges and dens to explore, but it was covered with a bunch of kelp. Visibility was terrible this day until 30' deep where it opened up to about to 20' - 30' visibility.



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