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Triton Cove

Triton Head
Lilliwaup, Washington
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate

Photo Gallery:

Triton Cove Boat Launch
The Dive Site
Looking Down From Stairs
Parking To The Left
Main Entrance Sign
Entry Point
False Ochre Star
Small crab on Reef

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, Large Rock Formation / Pinnacle, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Triton Cove is a pleasant dive site. Negligible current and a simple descent from a rocky outcropping make this site accessible to divers of all skill levels.

The site is a series of rocky ledges and outcroppings, scattered boulders and bedrock that descends from the surface to depths of about 70' in an expansive area, finally giving way to a sandy substrate. No need to look for something in-particular here, just descend near the rocks and start exploring.

Special Restrictions:

Beware of boat traffic from the nearby Triton Cove boat launch. Do not venture too close to the breakwater and ascend near shore for safety.

Substrate is rocky so double check your anchorage.

How to get there:

The dive site is located on the outside of Triton Head (not actually in the cove) to the east side of the head and is marked by some rocks that break the surface slightly off shore, south of the breakwater that marks the entrance to the cove. During very low tides the rocky outcropping forms a peninsula. The site is easy to locate. There is no public shore access to this site but there is a nice boat launch in Triton Cove and it would be an easy kayak dive.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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lavachickie9/22/2010Rating: 3
A very easy dive site, great place to take beginners. Parking is plentiful, best to drop gear at the wall near the dock, gear up, and then stow the car in the parking lot. Entrance is super easy -- walk down a few steps to the water's edge, or walk straight down the boat ramp. There's dry space under the dock to store a small bag if you don't want to take it back to the car (but don't ever do this with things you aren't willing to lose). Be sure to take a dive buoy and be cautious when coming up as there could be small boat traffic at this small doc; on this Sunday there was no one. The description is spot on for this simple site. Drop down the rope at the buoy into 20-30 ft of water, and nearby is some modest rock structure where you'll find a nice variety of the usual little suspects. Visibility was poor topside (5ft), but cleared up well at 30 ft (to about 30 ft of viz). We ventured down to 72ft; while the structure has given way to a simple flat sandy slope by that point, you have the errant patch of vegetation or anemone, there is still critters to be seen there. Poke around, you might get surprised. Up in the structure and vegetable it's goby central, shrimp everywhere, with brittle stars, a few very nice anemones of various types, and a few bright white slugs.


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