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Dead Man's Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Lobster Shop Wall
Marine Park
4015 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA

Type: Saltwater
Advanced, Technical
Access: Moderate Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 8
Enjoyment: 3.83
Visibility: 3.25
Current: 1.5
Aquatic Life: 0

Photo Gallery:

Red Brotula
Marbled Snailfish
Pacific Cod
Red Brotula
Stubby Squid
Snake Prickleback
Sailfin Sculpin
Plainfin Midshipman
Red Brotula


Wall, Eel Grass Beds


Dead Manís Wall is an exciting deep wall dive located directly in front of the Lobster Shop on Ruston Way in Tacoma and offers a challenging alternative to Les Davies just down the road. The wall is only a few hundred feet off shore starting in 80-100fsw and drops to 140 or more. It holds a reputation for low visibility due to the nearby river but it is not as current sensitive as other wall dives in the South Sound and it is DEEP!

Enter the water on either side of the Lobster Shop and line up with the northern corner, drop to the bottom and swim directly out from shore. The bottom drops off very steeply and youíll come across the wall at about 80-90ft from this point. It is intimidating to look over the edge at the abyss below the wall but once you begin to explore youíll find many holes and small crevices where critters are lurking. Beware, the depths are extraordinary here so make sure you have the air, training and experience to handle these depths. Have fun and leave reviews of what you find here!

FYI - There is also a nice trail for rollerblading or walking and some nice park benches for picnics.

Special Restrictions:

This is not a dive for beginners or intermediates due to the sheer wall face and the potential depths. In fact, even the top of the wall is deep and the diver should be familiar with diving walls before trying this location. Please dive within your training limits and watch your bottom time.

How to get there:

Take either I-5 or 509 to I-705 North to Schuster Way which becomes N Ruston Way. Head North on Ruston Way until you see the Lobster Shop. You can park in the parking lot just before it next to the small waterfront park to gear up and walk around to the other side of the Lobster Shop to get to the water. You will need to make a short climb down the rocks at the breakwater. Swim out to the dock, drop to the bottom and head straight out.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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John R8/7/2010Rating: 4
First time here and we had very good dives. First dive was tech. Visibility was 20-30 ft. We scrambled down the short rock wall to the North of the Lobster House and donned our gear on the sandy shore. Surface swim was to the North corner of the restaurant and we descended to the bottom at 30 ft. Going straight out (took about 7 min) we encountered the wall at 90 ft and immediately descended. The wall is vertical and quite impressive; it bottomed out at 120 ft at which point the bottom slopes moderately from there to wherever. We descended to 150 ft and went southerly looking for the wall to continue but it did not Ė about a 10 min trip. We went back to the base of the wall at 120 ft and then explored the face back to the top. Saw one small octo, a couple of gunnels, and the wall was covered in coon stripe shrimp. Our second dive was rec and we entered the same way and then explored the edge of the wall to the North and then the area above the wall. We encountered six more small octos Ė they hide in the small tufts of seaweed on the bottom. If we saw 7 small octos during the two dives, we figure there could be hundreds in the area. Very enjoyable and we will return.

Slobert7/1/2009Rating: 4
I had another great dive here. The vis was about a foot for the first 15 feet, but opened up as we decended. Vis on the wall was great. Love diving here.

ChevaYEA10/10/2008Rating: 2
I rarely ever encounter current here but tonight we tried to dive this during a large ebb exchange (about a 10' outgoing tide) and the current was too strong to make it all the way to the wall safely. We aborted the plan and searched for bottles instead. Mostly recent trash like beer bottles, nothing fancy.

Slobert12/17/2007Rating: 4
I find this site enjoyable even if you stay within recomended recreational diving limits. We swam out a ways from the lobster shack and dropped down into about 50 feet of water. Headed out and found the wall shortly after. It was a really high tide so we found the top of the wall at 90 feet. We dropped over the wall and down to 130 and worked our way accross the wall while moving up to stay ahead of deco when necessary. I felt we had plenty of time to enjoy the wall diving it this way. This wall is covered in silt from the river and we saw lots of Gunnels and Shrimp on the wall but that was it. Still it was an impressive wall and a good time. We did our safety stop at the breakwater next to the lobster shack and saw a couple of ling cod. This wall is worth checking out as its much more accessable than most of the big walls in the sound. Just make a plan and stick to it and watch your gauges during the dive.

ChevaYEA12/1/2007Rating: 4
Another good dive here. It looks like the wall ends to the south at the little point in the park where the picnic tables are. If you descend at the southern most piling of the Lobster Shop and swim directly out youíll find the top of the wall in about 90-100fsw. There is a large flat area at about 50í but then it drops off steeply. Donít even try it if you are not willing and prepared for a deco stop.


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