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Point Fosdick  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Gig Harbor, WA

Type: Saltwater

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 1
Enjoyment: 3
Visibility: 3.5
Current: 2
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Kelp Crab


Debris, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Point Fosdick is a shallow, easy dive along some short shallow ledges full of undercuts and crevices for critters to hide, and some old debris like I-beams and mooring blocks. In the small cove directly out from the base of the fence, you can head two directions. Right (east) and look for the ledges in 25-35' deep water. Continue past the shelves and ascend to 25-28 and encounter some I-beams and large cement mooring blocks.

To the left you can follow other ledges past the first home on the shore to the west of the fence and beyond at the same depth range. there is very little structure in the center portion of the cove so look to each side to find the ledges.

Special Restrictions:

Be aware of current on the ebb exchange sucking divers toward the point. At any place along this shoreline a diver could also haul out and walk back.

How to get there:

Point Fosdick is located at the southern entrance to Hale Passage on the southwest point of Gig Harbor below Magnolia Heights facing Fox Island. At one point there was shore access from the small turn around at the south end of Pt. Fosdick Dr that comes all the way to the water but now a fence has been installed denying access to divers.

By comparing a satellite map (like google) with what you see on site from a boat you will notice a black fence that runs on a short cliff at the base of a gated community that runs up the hill to the right. This area marks the center of the reef. From this point you can either head close to shore and swim out or anchor in deeper water and begin your dive.

Thanks to Rush for submitting this site!
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Chris4/18/2009Rating: 3
I enjoyed this dive. It is very shallow and thus very comfortable to dive with out the concerns that accompany deeper dives. It was fun to explore a site I hadn't visited before.


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