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Des Moines, WA
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Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Good
Amenities: Restrooms, Showers

Photo Gallery:

Snail Fish
Spiny Lumpsucker Swimming
Stubby Squid Swimming
Volkswagon Bug
Water Jelly
Small Jelly
Nanaimo Nudibranchs Mating
Leopard Dorid

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Small Wreck, Debris, Structures, Tire Reef, Junk Yard,


Very easy entry and good facilities make this one of the most popular dive sites in the South Puget Sound for classes and divers of all experience levels. It also serves as a great night dive location since it has 24 hour access.

Enter the water at the stairs to the left of the pier or the beach to the right of the restaurant. There is a rope tied to the Southern most piling at the end of the pier (the one with the building on it) that will lead you to some small boats and eventually to about 80' deep.

Another rope leads down from the second northrn most piling to an old observation tube and below that lies another small boat. If you follow a line directly north of the observation tube you'll come across some small old boats. There is another large rope leading from the bow of the deapest one that will take you all the way through a series of artificial reefs, small boats and the crowning jewel, a Volkswagen Bug. Take a 210 heading from the VW for about 50' and you'll hit a large biodome made of PVC pipes which looks like a jungle gym for divers.

Most of the bottom is sandy and easily stirred up but it is easy to navigate.

Currents running away from shore have been noted associated with large ebb tides. As with any site, be prepared for conditions that are not as expected. funny cat pictures funny pictures funny images funny photos

Special Restrictions:

Beware of fishermen on the pier and the public boat launch to the South.

How to get there:

From Pacific Hwy S turn west on 509 and an immediate right onto Redondo Way S. Follow the road to the bottom and park on the street near the water or in the paid parking area near the boat launch.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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Kristany14/29/2014Rating: 3
I dove here in March for my first open water dive and again in April for my fifth dive and first fun dive. The algae was blooming so the visibility was pretty bad. After we dropped down about twenty feet it was better but then the deeper we went the darker it got till is was completely black. We had lights and saw several crabs and even a Rock Prickleback. It was a fun easy dive but we needed the lights for sure.

ChevaYEA9/19/2013Rating: 4
We made 3 dives at this site on a 12' exchange off slack and there was practically no current. We hit the deep line then the shallow one from the MaST to the VW bug. Lots of octopus, a couple of wolf eels, a ton of little stuff and even some salmon under the pier.

themightysteveo7/11/2013Rating: 5
This site has been my mainstay dive whie visiting the PNW... great site, always great life but the currents and vis can be tricky; just check/scout it out pre-dive. From the MaST center you can choose the deep line or the shallow line. Bothhave great sites and life. On good vis days this site is bursting with life and is a wonderful dive.

Slobert7/24/2012Rating: 5
We found and took pictures and video of a Six Gill Shark tongiht. Can't beat that!

soakshishead112/4/2011Rating: 5
We entered at the steps and glided down the slope to the junkyard. One wolf eel was inside a tire not far from the ladder. We moved over to the boat near the large pipe and a juvenile wolf eel has a home there. Under that boat was an inquisitive giant Pacific octopus who reached out and "tested" us with a couple arms. There were rockfish and gunnels under the large pipe. Another octopus was under the deeper of the two boats that were tied together. We moved north to the VW and a GPO was out on top of the frame. It jetted 12 feet away and "fluffed out" to make itself big. I kept shooting video and then it jetted back to the VW. After sitting on top it slid under the VW into its den. We headed up the slope to the eelgrass and found a10-in bay pipefish standing upright in the grass.


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