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Day Island Wall  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Tacoma, WA

Type: Saltwater
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 6
Enjoyment: 4.43
Visibility: 4.29
Current: 2.29
Aquatic Life: 3.86

Photo Gallery:

Wolf Eel Pair 1
Penpoint Gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus)
Saddleback Gunnel (Pholis ornata)
Crescent Gunnel
Juvi Wolf Fish on a Flooding Current
Flat fish
Clam Siphon
Wolf Eel
Close-Up of Barnacle
Crescent Gunnel


Wall, Boulder Pile / Shelves


Day Island Wall is an incredible wall dive due to the sheer enormity of the sandstone wall. Though relatively flat, it has many small creatures living on the face of the wall itself and wolf eels can frequently be found in caves at the base or in the shelves at the top of the wall. The bottom runs about 85-110ft with most of the wall being to the left of the entry point if entered from shore.

Swim straight out (pull to the left if anything) until you reach about 60'. If you pulled to the left you will be looking over the edge of the wall. If you find yourself on a very steep collapsed area of the wall then take a left and you will be only a few feet from it. The bottom of the wall is about 90' and several caves can be found with octopus and wolf eels, especially at the south end of the wall where the wall turns into a series of shelves and gets a bit shallower. If you follow the wall all the way to the south end, there are several small ledges around 40'-60' deep that usually house many wolf eels.

The wall also esxtends to the right of the entry point northward toward Titlow. It has more interesting geograpy but it isn't as tall as the left side of the wall. If it is your first time, do the left side first.

Special Restrictions:

This site should be reserved for experienced divers only. There is no shelter from the currents which can be quite intense at this site. The shelf above the wall leading back to the entry point can be exceptionally current laden. Be careful to dive at slack and have a fantastic time.

How to get there:

From I-5 take WA-16 West toward Gig Harbor. Exit just before the Tacoma Narrows Bridge onto Jackson and go south (left). Take a right on 27th and follow it all the way across the bridge to Day Island. Continue until you come to the corner of W Day Island Blvd and E Day Island Blvd and park there on the corner somewhere. You will be in the middle of a bunch of homes. Walk to the west on a small path to the water.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
Rocketdyner2/12/2011Rating: 5
We hit this right at slack in the middle of a very low exchange. I would recommend hitting it at this time as it's an exposed area. Great wall, especially descending in the dark - i.e. 6:00 am. We saw two wolf eels and two GPO's. Really fantastic wall. The entry can be a little hard to find as it is sandwiched between a couple of houses. Make sure you go with someone who has been there before to find the entry.

Grneyed SCUBA Diva1/12/2009Rating: 4
Finally at the end of the dive, a wolf eel came out to greet the group. He swam up to me, wrapped around me so I could rub its belly, and then lay down under where I was hovering. Finally, he came up to my mask and nipped it to make sure I knew who was ultimately boss. Totally worth the drive, walk, and swim!

SwimmerTodd3/1/2008Rating: 5
We purposely entered the dive going into an 8 ft exchange. We entered just after slack and drifted the wall all the way to Titlow. What a great dive! This one would not be recommended to anyone not in top physical condition for obvious reasons. Because of the inherent complexities of the dive, i.e. current, back eddies, etc., you need to do your homework and plan very carefully to make the long trek feasable.

ChevaYEA2/2/2008Rating: 4
As cool as the wall dynamics are to look at, most of the life is actually at the sourthern end of the wall in about 60fsw, just south of where the top of the wall was scooped out.

SwimmerTodd8/18/2007Rating: 5
Be careful with your planning on this dive. The current became horrific and we were very close to slack tide. You need to make sure it is a small exchange and slack tide for safety sake. We found a giant octopus out in the open and fed a crab to a 6 foot wolf eel. Incredible wall. Again, we found the critters at the southern-most shelves of the wall.


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