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Back  |  USA: Pacific Northwest   |  Puget Sound - South

Alki Fishing Reef  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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West Seattle, wa

Type: Saltwater
Intermediate, Advanced
Amenities: Public Mooring

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 4
Enjoyment: 3.8
Visibility: 3
Current: 1.8
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Metridium on the Reef
Bills Big-Un
Juvenile White Spotted Greenling
Brown Rockfish
Quillback Rockfish
White Urchin
Brown Rockfish


Boulder reef Debris,


This site is made of large stacks of boulders, some as high as 20', sitting on a gradually sloping silt bottom in 60-80 feet of water. Thier are several rock piles in the area ranging up to about 150 feet long. The buoy marks the main one and there are a couple more within a short swimming distance in the same line from shore heading SW from the buoy on the bottom. Use good navigation skills to keep track of where the pile with the bouy chain is so you can asscend the line to your boat.

The reefs are home to schools of good sized rockfish including Blacks, Coppers, and Quillbacks. Linccod, kelp Greenlings and Painted Greenlings also live among the rocks. Most of the rocks are covered with Metridium (white plumerose anemones) which makes the rock piles easier to find. Not much in the way of small sealife is found here.

Special Restrictions:

If the current is strong you should use a live boat, or stay on the rockpile with the buoy chain so you can be sure to find your boat.

How to get there:

Launch your boat at the Don Amini boat launch on Alki point. Head out around the Duwamish Head and continue SW along the shore rounding Alki Point and heading SE along the shore. You will pass some condos on a pier out over the water. Keep going and you will hit a section of shore where there are no houses. When the houses start up again look for a huge willow tree, there is only one. Head west from there to the buoy which is directly in line from the willow tree. There are some privite buoys in 20-30 feet of water. Keep going past them to a large round white bouy in about 60 feet of water. That bouy is right on top of one of the reef piles. Use your depthfinder to locate other reef piles to the south.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
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ChevaYEA5/25/2011Rating: 4
Another great dive on the Alki Fishing Reef. Visibility was crummy on the surface but really good on the reef. We visited several of the piles on this dive and got so turned around that we had to make a free ascent. It can be tricky finding your way back to the anchor line here.

Matt_Tyler10/30/2008Rating: 4
The topography of this dive, in and of itself, makes it a great place to dive. It sure doesn't hurt that the rock piles, covered in plumose anemones, make a great home for all of the critters in the sound big and small. Everything from perch, to GPOs and ling cod to gunnels, sculpin and nudibranchs. It is a great dive site worthy of multiple visits.

Slobert10/30/2008Rating: 4
Did another dive here today and found that the bouy has been removed just since last week. I suspect it is put there by a charter boat and they pull it up for the winter. I did a search pattern with the depth finder till I found a pile and droped anchor to the side. Dropped right in on a big pile that is not one of the ones I had allready found last week. Lots of large lings and found some nuddies this time. Also a GPO of good size in a den.

Slobert10/24/2008Rating: 4
I really enjoyed diving here. We found three of the piles and there were huge schools of perch and rockfish. Also found one big ling and several smaller ones. We got sort of lost looking for a forth pilie, but managed to navigate back over the featureless bottom back to the bouy. If you got a boat and dive out of west seattle alot, you should drop in and check it out. Simular to the boulders at KVI


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