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Misery Bay  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Saanich Inlet, British Columbia

Type: Saltwater
Advanced, Technical

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 1
Enjoyment: 4
Visibility: 4
Current: 5
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Northern Ronquil

Black-eyed Goby
Northern Ronquil
Nanaimo Nudibranch
Hairy Tunicate
Leather Star
Water Jellyfish




This site is a deep and steep cascading wall with ledges every so often to land on. The wall drops below recreational dive limits. You may encounter schools of Black and Yellow tail rockfish as well as Quillback and Copper Rockfish on the wall. In the shallows are Gobies, Sculpins, and juvenile rockfish.

Special Restrictions:

This site drops well below recreational dive limits. Please dive within your skills and training. Make sure you are properly weighted.

How to get there:

Launch your kayak or boat at Goldstream Boathouse at the head of Saanich Inlet, off of hwy 1. Misery Bay is located on the Western shore, between the two sets of powerlines, alittle less than one nautical mile north of the boatlaunch. The divesite is off of the point at the south end of the bay.

Thanks to Slobert for submitting this site!
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Slobert9/22/2008Rating: 4
Great dive. We had great vis, but I imagine this dive would be misery and dangerous with poor vis. Huge school of Yellow Tail rockfish at 80 feet or so. Lots of Jellies as well.


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