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Skyline Wall   |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Burrows Pass
Washington Park, Anacortes, WA

Type: Saltwater
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Limited

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 2
Enjoyment: 5
Visibility: 3.5
Current: 2.5
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Giant Pacific Octopus
Skyline Wall Entry Point
Rough Scallop Sponge
Stalked Trumpet Sponge
Scalyhead Sculpin
Orange Social Ascidians
Scalyhead Sculpin
Urchins and Cucumbers
Yellow-fin Rockfish


Wall, Boulder Pile / Shelves, Kelp Forest


From the entry point, swim southwest toward the point of a relatively barren sandy bottom which turns to eel grass as you approach the point. Drop down when you reach the beginning of the point (just past the house with the bulkhead and where the steep cliff is on the shore) and follow the contour down and west as the slope becomes more prominent and turns into a series of ledges and then develops into a cascading wall covered in life. During summer months there will be kelp marking the wall so you can descend when you reach the barrier of kelp. The wall cascades down to about 85 and is comprised of a series of steep shelves, overhangs and large rocks. Life covers nearly every surface of the wall and ledges LOTS of cucumbers and Giant Barnacles cover everything, huge urchins, sponges, GPOs, Puget Sound King Crab, Kelp Greenling, Lingcod, all sorts of perch and rockfish, etc. As you continue west it will become less gradual and you round the point. Come up over 40 and ride the current back. The shallow section is just as interesting and dynamic as the deeper portions of the wall. Below the bottom of the wall the rock structure gives way to a steep sandy bottom.

Special Restrictions:

Beware of heavy currents. ONLY dive this site on slack before an ebb current (slack at high tide) or you will be fighting current both directions. Hop into the water about 30 minutes before slack and drift along the wall staying below 45 on your way out. When you hit the end of the wall (it will start to turn into a slope and not so rocky) or when you are ready to turnaround, head up above 40 and the current will bring you back toward the entry point.

How to get there:

From I-5 take exit 230 onto Highway 20 West toward Anacortes. Go all the way through Anacortes toward the Washington State Ferry Terminal. Hwy 20 will turn into Commercial Ave, then 12th, then Oaks just before the terminal. Take a left on Sunset Ave, then left onto Skyline Way, then right onto Cabana Way. Park at the end of the street past the marina on the beach side of the road. There is beach access just before the gate at the end of the road that leads to a house that sits on the water.

Thanks to SwimmerTodd for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
soakshishead111/10/2018Rating: 5
We timed the current so we could do 2 dives. The vis was not so good (10-12 feet) on the first dive and better (15 feet) on the second dive. We saw rockfish, perch, greenling, wolf eels, GPO, scallops, urchins, sculpins, shrimp and crabs. You can see a video of the 2 dives with creature identification here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mX8AM920-Q&t=190s This is an excellent dive site. You do need to get the current right so check the tables ahead of getting in the water.

ChevaYEA7/26/2008Rating: 5
This is a fantastic dive site. Among he best shore dives in Washington thanks to the easy access, great array of healthy life and the cool geography combine to make it a "must do" dive.


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