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Possesion Point Ferry  |  USA: Pacific Northwest

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Wreck of the Kehloken
Whidbey Island, Washington

Type: Saltwater

Ratings (1-5):
Reviews: 5
Enjoyment: 3.33
Visibility: 2.67
Current: 2.67
Aquatic Life: 5

Photo Gallery:

Ferry buoy - Tied to wreck

Brown Rockfish (Sebates auriculatus)
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Diamond Back Nudibranch
Just Peeking
Black Eyed Goby
Yellow-Eyed Rockfish - Juvenile
Red Gilled Nudibranch


Large Wreck, Debris,


The main dive here is the wreck, which is roughly 200 feet long and 30 feet across. It lies in approximately 70-80 feet of water. The structure is relatively intact which means that once over the ribs and hull, a diver can descend into the hull to look at the remains of the machinery and boat structure. Anemones cover everything and there is life everywhere. It is truly an amazing dive site, and it's very possible to spend the entire dive on one small area due to the concentration of life. Large and small rock fish hide all over this site, which also means it’s a popular fishing site – do not dive here without scissors or dive knives. To the south of the ferry are concrete pilings similar to those that can be seen at Les Davis in Tacoma. These also serve as home to hundreds of anemones and rockfish. The occasional anchor can be seen here from fishermen unlucky enough to hook one of the larger concrete piles.

Special Restrictions:

Although this site is only moderately deep (<80 feet) the currents here are of concern; it should only be dove during slack. Surface currents can be considerable even during slack, and it is recommended to have a boat driver just in case. If anchoring, it would be a good idea to run a guideline from your anchor to the wreck to make returning to the boat easier and safer. Also, as mentioned before, this site is a very popular fishing site, and there is a large quantity of monofilament line and other fishing gear hanging off both wreck and pilings . It is essential to bring cutting tools in case of entanglement.

How to get there:

The wreck of the Kehloken is located off of Possession Point on the south end of Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. The closest boat launch is located next to the Whidbey Island ferry dock in Mukilteo. From this site it is no more than 10 miles to the dive location. As of this writing, the ferry is actually marked with an orange WDFW buoy tied to the wreck, making finding the wreck easy. If the buoy is not there, the wreck can be found with a depth sounder as it sticks approximately 15-20 feet up from the bottom. There are also some concrete debris piles scattered on the bottom near the south end of the wreck that make an interesting dive as well.

Thanks to bajabound for submitting this site!
  Comments Leave Review  
Rocketdyner5/6/2018Rating: 3
The WSA Buoy wasn't there when we went. We got coordinates from the web site, but we clearly missed it. We did find the debris pile but wasn't aware of where the wreck was in relation. There is a good 3D plot out there, I would recommend using it if you are headed to the wreck. There is a lot of boat traffic by fishermen this time of year. Make sure to bring a safety sausage.

G-Dollar4/19/2009Rating: 2
There is definitely not a buoy on the wreck as of last Sunday. We found a little buoy, dove on it and it was a Dept. of Fisheries crabpot. Typical clownshow for us.

G-Dollar2/24/2009Rating: 3
The last time we were out there, the buoy was not there. Have they added another one? Good review.

Chris2/21/2009Rating: 4
This is a great site. We did two dives on the day we went. The first we stayed close to the wreck. The second dive we investigated the concrete on the north side of the ferry. I really enjoyed the looking at all the fish and other life in the concrete. Don't skip exploring the rubble field as this was very cool. Bring your cutting tools you may need them.

ChevaYEA2/21/2009Rating: 4
This is a nice dive site with big structure and plenty of life to explore. Lots of nudibrnachs and rockfish (including juvi yellow eye). Several sponges too.


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