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Alki , Cove 3

Seacrest Park
Seattle, WA
Google Map

Type: Saltwater
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Access: Easy Shore Entry
Parking: Good
Amenities: Restrooms

Photo Gallery:

Staghorn Sculpin
Northern Clingfish

Sailfin Sculpin
Kelp Crab
Northern Clingfish

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Debris, Structures, Junk Yard,


Cove 3 is not nearly as popular as Cove 2, which is just a couple hundred yards away, so it is often overlooked by divers. The bottom is mostly sand and sea lettuce though there are some pilings, rocky piles and a junk yard to explore. Easy entry and a well protected little cove make this an interesting dive if you are looking for a change to Cove 2.

Special Restrictions:

You MUST stay outside of the buoy line. This is an active ferry/water taxi dock. There is a rope on the bottom with some bottles floating on it that marks the buoy line so that you can avoid crossing it.

How to get there:

From Seattle, take the west Seattle bridge to the Harbor Ave SW Exit and take a right on Harbor Ave SW. Follow it 1.3 miles along the water until you come to the fish-n-chips restaurant and the water taxi parking lot. You can either park in the lot or on the street. Cove 3 is to the North side of the restaurant. The South side of the restaurant is Cove 2. Gear up and walk down to the water.

Thanks to ChevaYEA for submitting this site!
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ChevaYEA9/24/2007Rating: 2
We swam into Cove 3 from Cove 2 and stayed pretty close to the perimeter. Not as cool as cove two but it was a second tank and we had already dove Cove 2 this evening. It is kind of shallow where anything worth seeing is. Just sand the deeper you go.

RyanB7/6/2007Rating: 3
We were planning to dive cove 2 but we had to park so far away we just hit cove 3 instead. Our second dive was after dark and as we dropped down by the big pilings the bioluminescence of the algae on the pilings was very apparent. When we hit the bottom we headed back a bit towards shore and saw a lot of shrimp and crabs. There is not as much to see here as in Cove 2.

Captain Morgan8/26/2007Rating: 3
This is a good site for night diving. During the day there would not be alot to see, lack of features natural or man made. At night the rock piles come alive with swarms of shrimps. These little guys can be lot of fun to play with.


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