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Canada: West Coast Dive Region & Sub Regions

The Canada West Coast region of the website includes dive sites and galleries in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Sydney, Victoria, Nanaimo and other popular Canadian west coast dive destinations. These cold waters offer an abundance of life and diving experiences including spectacular reefs, magnificent walls and exciting wrecks.

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Campbell River2 Dive Sites
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Nanaimo1 Dive Sites
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Sunshine Coast1 Dive Sites
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Vancouver3 Dive Sites
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Victoria18 Dive Sites
Select: Victoria

Located on the south west corner of Vancouver Island, the Victoria region encompasses the city of Victoria to Sidney, the Saanich Inlet and west along the Straight of Jaun de Fuca to include Race Rocks. It is accessible by ferry from Vancouver, Port Angeles or Anacortes (a check through customs is required when coming from the US).
Victoria offers a wide variety of exciting diving opportunities from shore and by boat, all within a short travel distance. There are popular dive parks located at Ogden Point and Sidney with easy shore access and nearby dive shops. The Saanich Inlet is protected from harsh weather and hides deep walls with delicate yet huge sponges. The coasts have bull kelp forests and colorful life covered rocky reefs carved out by the currents. And by boat you can reach spectacular ship wrecks and stunning reefs.
Life, visibility and diving conditions vary depending on the area you are diving but generally speaking, current and surf are the challenges to be aware of. Local dive shops and charters can point you to the right dive site for your perfect dive in Victoria!


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Triton Cove State Park
Bellingham Marine Park
Battleship Island west side
Point Whitney
Newport Fingers

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Keystone Jetty
Sund Rock
Scenic Beach State park
Skyline Wall
Fox Island, East Wall
Point Whitney
Edmonds Underwater Park
Saltwater State Park
The Murph
Friday Harbor Seiner

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