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Photo Gallery


Noble Sea Lemon  (Peltodoris nobilis)

This species can be distinguished from the Monterey Sea Lemon by its white gills. Monterey's have yellow gills. It can also be distuinguished by its paler yellow bumps (tubercles) that allow dark patches on the body to show through. The Tubercles tend to be "flatter" on the Nobels and more pointed on the Monterey's. It is capable of growing up to 10" long and can be found from intertidal to 220' in waters from Alaska to Mexico.

Noble Sea Lemon Noble Sea Lemon Nobel Sea Lemon
Nobel Sea LemonsNobel Sea LemonsNobel Sea Lemon
Nobel Sea LemonJust PeekingNobel Sea Lemon
Nobel Sea LemonNobel Sea LemonNobel Sea Lemons
Nobel Sea LemonNobel Sea LemonsNobel Sea Lemon
Noble Sea Lemon NudibranchNudibranchNoble Sea Lemon Nudibranch
Sea Lemon NudibranchSea Lemon Nudibranch

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