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Photo Gallery


Slugs & Nudibranchs  (Suborder Nudibranchia )

Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs are actually scientifically different creatures but are often all casually referred to as slugs. Nudibranchs are colorful and ornate mollusks from the order Nudibranchia. The planktonic larva of most nudibranch species are called veligers and posses a tiny shell which disappears when the larva metamorphoses into their adult form.

Other references to sea slugs include sea angels, sea hares, and many others but for purposes of this gallery they have all been grouped together here.

Clown NudibranchNoble sea lemonOpalescent nudibranch
Clown nudibranchHorned NudibranchChromodorid
Clown NudibranchRed DendronotidDalls Dendronotid on Yellow Island
Nanaimo Nudibranchs MatingLeopard DoridClown Nudibranch
Noble Sea Lemon California BerthellasGiant Nudibranch
Yellow Margin DoridLeopard DoridWhite Nudibranch
Monterey Sea LemonWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Dendronotus aldus
Dendronotus diversicolorHooded NudibranchHooded (Lions Mane) Nudibranchs
NudibranchNudibranchRed Dendronotid
Red Gilled NudibranchNanaimo NudibranchsRed Dendronotid
Nanaimo NudibranchWhite NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
White Line Dirona
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Yellow Margin Dorids
Striped NudibranchsOrange Peel NudibranchOrange Peel Nudibranch
Pink TritoniaWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Hooded Nudibranch
giant white nudibranchSlug?Noble Sea Lemon
Nobel Sea Lemon Yellow Margin DoridClown Nudibranch
Yellow Margin DoridNobel Sea LemonsFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchYellow Rimmed NudibranchYellow Margin Dorid
Red Gilled NudibranchWhite NudibranchDiamond Back Nudibranch
Diamond Back NudibranchClown NudibranchSmall Nudibranchs
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchRed Gilled NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon
Frosted NudibranchMonterey Sea LemonRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Striped NudibranchNudibranch Golden Dirona
White Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Nobel Sea LemonsOrange and White Tip Nudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonYellow Margin DoridNanaimo Nudibranch
Leopard DoridGolden DironaWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Monterey Sea LemonRed DendronotidNanaimo Nudibranchs - Grey Phase
Leopard DoridMonterey Sea LemonRed Gilled Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchNanaimo NudibranchNobel Sea Lemon
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchDiamond Back NudibranchJust Peeking
Red Gilled NudibranchMonterey Sea LemonWhite Nudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonNobel Sea LemonRed Gilled Standing Up
Alabaster NudibranchRed Gilled NudibranchRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Pink TritoniaRed DendronotidNobel Sea Lemon
Diamond Back NudibranchDiamond Back NudibranchDiamond Back Nudibranch
Golden DironaFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Red DendronotidsRed Dendronotid GillsGolden Dirona
Red Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Red DendronotidsFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchRed Dendronotid
Nobel Sea LemonsFrosted NudibranchRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)
Red DendronotidRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Monterey Sea Lemon
Red DendronotidsFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchSpanish Dancer
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchClown NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Frosted NudibranchShaggy Mouse NudibranchSea Lemon Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchRed DendronotidFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Clown Nudibranch
Leopard DoridFrosted NudibranchNanaimo Nudibranch
Leopard DoridsClown NudibranchRed Dendronotid Nudibranch
Yellow Rimmed NudibranchClown NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Golden DironaHilton's Aeolind a.k.a. Phidiana HiltoniNudibranch
Hopkins Rose Nudibranch Spanish ShawlNudibranch on Echo Wall
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon
Yellow Rimmed NudibranchHuge NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Frosted NudibranchNobel Sea LemonNudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonsAlabaster NudibranchNobel Sea Lemon
Giant DendroidHiltons NudibranchMimic Nudibranch
Opalescent NudibranchClown NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchsClown NudibranchClown Nudibranch Reaching out
Clown NudibranchClown NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon Nudibrnach
Noble Sea Lemon NudibranchStriped NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Nudibranch on the Wreck at Gordon Point ParkFrosted Nudibranch (aka: Alabaster Nudibranch)Leopard Nudibranch
White and Orange Tip NudibranchClown NudibranchLeopard Nudibranch
Monterey Sea Lemon NudibrnachLeopard NudibranchNudibranch
Nudibranch on the Wreck at Taylor BayNudibranchLemon Nudibranch
Nudibranch Opalescent NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Golden Dirona NudibranchNudibranchNanaimo Nudibranch - Grey Phase
NudibranchSpawnWhite and Orange Tipped Nudibranch
White and Orange Tipped NudibranchNudibranchHooded Nudibranchs
Lemon NudibranchHooded NudibranchsHeath
Shaggy Mouse NudibranchShaggy Mouse NudibranchHopkin
Opalescent NudibranchOpalescent NudibranchLeopard Dorid Nudibranch
NudibranchNoble Sea Lemon NudibranchWhite Nudibranch
HopkinOpalescent NudibranchNudibranch
White NudibranchNudibranchNudibranch
Sea Lemon NudibranchNudibranch feeding on an anemoneShaggy Mouse Nudibranch Eggs
Shaggy Mouse NudibranchSmall Opalescent NudibranchNudibranch
NudibranchRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Shaggy Mouse Nudibranch
NudibranchShaggy Mouse NudibranchNudibranch
NudibranchClown NudibranchSea Lemon Nudibranch
Yellow Rimmed NudibranchOpalescent NudibranchFlabellina Nudibranchs
Nudibranch: HudsonFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchHooded Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch

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