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Photo Gallery


Plumose Anemone (Short and Giant)  (Metridium senile (short), Metridium farcimen (Giant))

Two magnificent varieties of plumose exist in the cold waters of the pacific; Short Plumonse and Giant Plumose.
Short Plumose anemones grow to approximately 4" tall. They prefer shallow high current areas and are often found clustered together in high a vast fluffy white carpet that covers solid substrates.
Giant plumose anemones may grow over 3' tall and be found individually or in large quantities on solid substrates. They prefer low to moderate current and live to depths well beyond recreational diving limits. Divers often see these large white or orange anemones covering pilings and ship wrecks as well as solid natural reef structures. Brushing up against them will leave a protective mucus on the diver's suit that appears to be "snot" upon exiting the water.

Plumose AnemoneMetridium Anemones
Plumose AnemonesShort Plumose AnemonesGiant Plumose
Short Plumose AnemonesAnemones growing on the wreck at Taylor BayAnemone
Short Plumose AnemonesPlumose AnemonePlumose Anemone
Giant Plumose AnemoneMetridium AnemoneMetridium

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