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Photo Gallery


Brooding (Proliferating) Anemones  (Epiactis spp.)

there are multiple species of brooding, or proliferating anemones. The common thread between them is that the anemones grow their young attached to them or inside of them. Some species have obvious juveniles growing on their stalks.

Some commons species are the Proliferating Anemone [Epiactis prolifera] which grows to a maximum size just over 3" wide and up to 4" tall, and can be found off the pacific coast ranging from Alaska to California. The Brooding Anemone [Epiactis lisbethae] grows to 3" wide and only 1.5" high, its juveniles are often less obvious than the Proliferating Anemone. Another interesting species is the Sand Accumulating Brooding Anemone [Epiactis ritteri] which has adhesive pads that often has sand stuck to them. A similar species, The Warty Columned Anemone [Aulactinia incubans] rears its young internally and releases them through pores in its tentacles.

Proliferating AnemonesProliferating AnemonesBrooding Anemones

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