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Photo Gallery


Anemones  (Order Actiniaria)

As cnidarians (posessing stinging cells), sea anemones are closely related to corals, jellyfish, tube-dwelling anemones and Hydra. They vary greatly in size, color and number of tentacles. Although they tend to remain in the same location for the duration of their lives, they are capable of moving if the conditions become unfavorable or they are being attacked.

Turn Point WallTurn Point WallSwimming Anemones
Swimming AnemoneStubby Rose AnemoneSand Rose Anemone
Plumose AnemoneBurrowing AnemoneZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
ZoanthidsFish eating Anemone (aka Rose Anemone)White Spotted Anemone
Strawberry Anemones
anemonie, sea squirt, and small shrimp.small crab and anemonie
Strawberry AnemonesStrawberry AnemonesStrawberry Anemones
Anemone Tube Dwelling Anemone
Stubby Rose AnemoneZoanthidsTube Dwelling Anemone
Anemone Metridium AnemonesHydroid
Painted AnemoneZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusPainted Anemone
Anemone Anemone? Zoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
Tube Dwelling AnemonePlumose AnemonesZoanthids
AnemoneShort Plumose AnemonesTube Dwelling Anemone
Tube Dwelling AnemoneGiant PlumoseSand Rose Anemone
Crimson AnemoneAnemoneTube Dwelling Anemones
Proliferating AnemonesProliferating AnemonesBrooding Anemones
ZoanthindsUnderwater FlowerBurrowing Anemones
Rose AnemoneBurrowing AnemoneAnemones
Anemone Anemone Strawberry Anemones on Barnacle
Anemones on a rockCluster of AnemonesBurrowing Anemone
Sea AnemonePainted Sea AnemoneShort Plumose Anemones
Stubby Rose AnemoneAnemones growing on the wreck at Taylor BayAnemones on the barge at Tolmie
AnemoneWhite Spotted AnemoneStrawberry Anemones
Tube Dwelling AnemoneFish Eating AnemoneTube Dwelling Anemone
AnemoneAnemonesStrawberry Anemones
Short Plumose AnemonesBunch of Painted AnemonesAnemone
Plumose AnemonePlumose AnemoneGiant Plumose Anemone
Metridium AnemoneAnemoneSwimming Anemone
Sea AnemoneSea AnemoneAnemone at Hornby Island, BC
Anemone in the San JuansMetridiumZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus

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