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Photo Gallery


Snails  (Class Gastropoda )

The term Sea Snail commonly refers to a group of marine Gastropods that have a shell, although sea slugs and nudibranchs are often grouped with snails scientifically as they are biologically very similar. Most species of marine snails have a spiral shell that typically opens to the right (if viewed from above), a pronounced head with four tentacles where eyes may be present, and a ventral foot on which it moves. All marine species have gills for breathing and they eat using their radula which they use to scrape food from kelp or rocks or to drill through shellfish.

SnailsLeafy Hornsmouth SnailLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
Lewis' Moon SnailLeafy Hornsmouth SnailLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
Lewis' Moon SnailMoon SnailSnail
Whelk EggsWhelksMoon Snail
SnailSnailsMoon Snail
Moon SnailSnailsLeafy Hornmouth Snail
SnailSnailCarpenter's Turrid Snail
Hanging On! SnailsSnail
Snails on PilingSnail laying eggsSnail on wreck
Hairy TritonSnail on wreckOn the move!
Moon Snail

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