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Photo Gallery


Misc Invertebrates

This category comprises marine creatures in categories such as coral, anemones, sponges, jellyfish, sea slugs, snails, chiton and worms. Referred to as “Misc. Invertebrates” in this website because there are several other categories also comprised of “invertebrates” such as crustaceans, shellfish, etc. Invertebrates are encountered and often sought after by SCUBA divers as photographic subjects because of their diversity and beauty.

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of particular types of Misc. Invertebrates. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

Clown NudibranchTurn Point WallTurn Point Wall
Noble sea lemonOpalescent nudibranchClown nudibranch
Swimming AnemonesSpongeSwimming Anemone
Stubby Rose AnemoneSand Rose AnemonePlumose Anemone
Burrowing AnemoneHorned NudibranchChromodorid
Clown NudibranchRed Dendronotid
Cloud SpongeDalls Dendronotid on Yellow IslandSocial Ascidians
Zoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusGumboot ChitonFringe Worms
Water JellySmall JellyNanaimo Nudibranchs Mating
Leopard DoridLeafy Hornsmouth SnailGumboot Chiton
Clown NudibranchTunicateZoanthids
Fish eating Anemone (aka Rose Anemone)Noble Sea Lemon California Berthellas
Encrusting HydrocoralPurple CoralGiant Nudibranch
Yellow Margin DoridLeopard DoridWhite Nudibranch
White Spotted AnemoneMonterey Sea LemonLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
Orange Social AscidiansMauve Lobed Compound TunicateWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Dendronotus aldusDendronotus diversicolorHooded Nudibranch
Hooded (Lions Mane) NudibranchsNudibranchNudibranch
Red DendronotidRed Gilled NudibranchNanaimo Nudibranchs
Red DendronotidStrawberry AnemonesNanaimo Nudibranch
White NudibranchLewis' Moon Snail
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
sea whips colonyanemonie, sea squirt, and small shrimp.
small crab and anemonieWhite Line DironaSponge
Strawberry AnemonesStrawberry AnemonesStrawberry Anemones
Northern Feather DusterRibbon Worm
Ribbon WormWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Yellow Margin Dorids
Striped NudibranchsOrange Peel NudibranchOrange Peel Nudibranch
Stalked MedusaPink TritoniaWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)
Hooded Nudibranchgiant white nudibranchSlug?
Anemone Noble Sea Lemon Sea Squirt
Nobel Sea Lemon Tube Dwelling AnemoneYellow Margin Dorid
SpongeClown NudibranchBoring Sponges
SpongesBoring SpongesYellow Margin Dorid
Lined Ribbon WormNobel Sea LemonsFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
BryzoanClown NudibranchLobed Tunicate
Encrusting TunicateYellow Rimmed NudibranchStalked Hairy Sea Squirt
Stubby Rose AnemoneYellow Margin DoridTube Worm
Sea SquirtGlove SpongeRed Gilled Nudibranch
Cloud SpongeZoanthidsWater Jelly
White NudibranchTube Dwelling AnemoneFried Egg Jelly
Diamond Back NudibranchDiamond Back NudibranchGlove Sponge
Boring SpongesSpongesAnemone
Pink HydrocoralStalked Trumpet Sponge
JellyJellyClown Nudibranch
Ostrich Plume HydroidMetridium AnemonesHydroid
Small NudibranchsSpongeLeafy Hornsmouth Snail
Painted AnemoneSponge encrusted boulderFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Red Gilled NudibranchZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusMonterey Sea Lemon
TunicateFrosted NudibranchPainted Anemone
Monterey Sea LemonRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Anemone
Striped NudibranchNudibranch Anemone?
Golden DironaWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Nobel Sea Lemons
Orange and White Tip NudibranchZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinusNobel Sea Lemon
Yellow Margin DoridNanaimo NudibranchLeopard Dorid
Golden DironaWhite Lined Dirona (AKA Frosted or Alabaster)Northern Feather Duster
Invasive TunicateMonterey Sea LemonRed Dendronotid
Gumboot ChitonNanaimo Nudibranchs - Grey PhaseLeopard Dorid
Leafy Hornsmouth SnailLewis' Moon SnailMonterey Sea Lemon
LimpetRed Gilled NudibranchTube Dwelling Anemone
Clown NudibranchComb JellyNanaimo Nudibranch
Nobel Sea LemonPlumose AnemonesTunicate
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchTunicateDiamond Back Nudibranch
Just PeekingSpongeRed Gilled Nudibranch
Monterey Sea LemonWhite NudibranchNobel Sea Lemon
Nobel Sea LemonRed Gilled Standing UpSponge Close-up
SpongeSpongeAlabaster Nudibranch
Red Gilled NudibranchRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Pink Tritonia
Red DendronotidNobel Sea LemonDiamond Back Nudibranch
Diamond Back NudibranchMoon SnailDiamond Back Nudibranch
SpongeZoanthidsLions Mane
Golden DironaFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Red DendronotidsRed Dendronotid GillsGolden Dirona
AnemoneRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Red Dendronotids
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Fan CoralShort Plumose AnemonesLimpet upon Limpet
Red DendronotidNobel Sea LemonsSponge
Frosted NudibranchRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Sea Whips
Red DendronotidRed Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Monterey Sea Lemon
Comb JellyRed DendronotidsFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Spanish DancerTube Dwelling AnemoneTube Dwelling Anemone
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchClown NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
SnailWhelk EggsWhelks
Frosted NudibranchShaggy Mouse NudibranchSea Lemon Nudibranch
Moon SnailGiant PlumoseFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Red DendronotidSpoon WormSpoon Worm
Feather DustersFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchTunicate
Encrusting BryozoaSpongeSand Rose Anemone
Crimson Anemone
Invasive TunicateBoot SpongeCloud Sponge
Moon JellyfishMoon Jelly TextureCloud Sponge
SpongeClown NudibranchLeopard Dorid
Gumboot ChitonFrosted NudibranchAnemone
Nanaimo NudibranchHairy TunicateWater Jellyfish
Moon JellyfishLion's Mane JellyfishGooseberry
Glassy TunicateTube Dwelling AnemonesRockfish in a Boot Sponge
Cloud SpongeCloud SpongeBoot Sponge
Boot SpongeProliferating AnemonesPink Hydrocoral
Proliferating AnemonesLeopard DoridsScallop Sponge
ChitonsSpongePink Hydrocoral
Brooding AnemonesSlime-Tube Feather-DusterCup Coral
ZoanthindsUnderwater FlowerClown Nudibranch
Tunicates Red Dendronotid NudibranchTunicates
SnailYellow Rimmed NudibranchClown Nudibranch
Lions Mane JellyfishBurrowing AnemonesClown Nudibranch
Gumboot ChitonSnailRose Anemone
Burrowing AnemoneAnemones Limpets
SnailsOrange Sea PenTunicate
Golden DironaHilton's Aeolind a.k.a. Phidiana HiltoniSnail
GorgonianAnemone Hopkins Rose Nudibranch
Spanish ShawlStrawberry Anemones on BarnacleNudibranch on Echo Wall
LimpetRed Eyed MedusaRed Eyed Medusa
Scalloped JellyfishRed Eyed MedusaStalked Medusa
Red Eyed MedusaFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchYellow Sponge
TunicateRed Eyed MedusaSmooth Scallop Sponge
Smooth Scallop SpongeRough Scallop SpongeStalked Trumpet Sponge
Funnel SpongeRough Scallop SpongeStalked Trumpet Sponge
SpongeOrange Social AscidiansSponge
SpongeFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon
Yellow Rimmed NudibranchCluster of Sea SquirtsHuge Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted NudibranchNobel Sea Lemon
ChitonRed Eyed MedusaRed Eyed Medusa
Red Eyed MedusaRed Eyed MedusaOval Anchored Jellyfish
NudibranchNobel Sea LemonsAnemones on a rock
Alabaster NudibranchNobel Sea LemonGiant Dendroid
Hiltons NudibranchMimic NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchClown NudibranchClown Nudibranchs
Clown NudibranchClown Nudibranch Reaching outClown Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon NudibrnachNoble Sea Lemon Nudibranch
Striped NudibranchCluster of AnemonesSponge
Clown NudibranchTunicateNudibranch on the Wreck at Gordon Point Park
Frosted Nudibranch (aka: Alabaster Nudibranch)Leopard NudibranchWhite and Orange Tip Nudibranch
Clown NudibranchLeopard NudibranchMonterey Sea Lemon Nudibrnach
Leopard NudibranchTunicatesBurrowing Anemone
Sea AnemonePainted Sea AnemoneSnails
Short Plumose AnemonesNudibranchStubby Rose Anemone
Anemones growing on the wreck at Taylor BayNudibranch on the Wreck at Taylor BayNudibranch
Anemones on the barge at TolmieAnemoneGumboot Chiton
Lemon NudibranchTube WormTube Worm
Nudibranch Moon Snail
Opalescent NudibranchOpalescent NudibranchTunicate
TunicateGolden Dirona NudibranchNudibranch
Nanaimo Nudibranch - Grey PhaseHedgehog hydroid (Clavactinia Milleri)Nudibranch
SpawnWhite and Orange Tipped NudibranchWhite and Orange Tipped Nudibranch
Sea PenNudibranchMoon Snail
Hooded NudibranchsLemon NudibranchHooded Nudibranchs
HeathShaggy Mouse NudibranchShaggy Mouse Nudibranch
SpongeSnailsWhite Spotted Anemone
HopkinOpalescent NudibranchOpalescent Nudibranch
Leopard Dorid NudibranchStrawberry AnemonesTube Dwelling Anemone
Noble Sea Lemon NudibranchFish Eating AnemoneWhite Nudibranch
Leafy Hornmouth SnailSnailSnail
Carpenter's Turrid SnailSea PenTube Dwelling Anemone
NudibranchHopkinOpalescent Nudibranch
NudibranchNudibranchWhite Nudibranch
Hanging On! Gumboot ChitonFeather Dusters
Underneath a ChitonChitonAnemones
Strawberry AnemonesSpongesSponge
Moon JellyfishNudibranchSponge
NudibranchSnails on PilingShort Plumose Anemones
Sea Lemon NudibranchNudibranch feeding on an anemoneShaggy Mouse Nudibranch Eggs
Limpit on the moveShaggy Mouse NudibranchSmall Opalescent Nudibranch
Bunch of Painted AnemonesSnail laying eggsSnail on wreck
Hairy TritonLimpetNudibranch
Chiton on WreckSnail on wreckNudibranch
On the move! LimpetAnemone
Red Gilled Nudibranch (Fabellina verrucosa)Shaggy Mouse NudibranchNudibranch
Feather DusterShaggy Mouse NudibranchNudibranch
NudibranchClown NudibranchSea Whip
Plumose AnemonePlumose AnemoneGiant Plumose Anemone
Sea SquirtSea Lemon NudibranchYellow Rimmed Nudibranch
Moon SnailAnemoneJelly Fish
AnemoneOpalescent NudibranchFlabellina Nudibranchs
Small Sea PenAnemoneTube Worm
Metridium AnemoneAnemoneTunicates
Nudibranch: HudsonSwimming AnemoneFrosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchFrosted (Alabaster) NudibranchHooded Nudibranch
Sea AnemoneSea Anemone
Frosted (Alabaster) NudibranchAnemone at Hornby Island, BC
Anemone in the San JuansMetridiumEgg Yolk Jellyfish
Orange sea pen (Ptilosarcus gurneyi)JellyZoanthids - Epizoanthus scotinus
Frosted (Alabaster) Nudibranch

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