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Photo Gallery


Sea Stars  (Class Asteroidea and Ophiuroidea)

Sea Stars (or starfish) use a hydraulic water vascular system that has many projections called tube feet on the ventral face of the starfish's arms which function in locomotion and aid with feeding.

The star fish usually hunt for shelled animals such as oysters and clams. They have two stomachs. One stomach is used for digestion, and the other stomach can be extended outward to engulf and digest prey allowing the starfish to hunt prey that is much larger than its mouth would otherwise allow. Starfish are able to regenerate lost arms. In some species, a new starfish may be regenerated from a single arm attached to a portion of the central disk.

Sunflower Sea StarSunstar under the wharfBlood Star
Mottled Sea StarBlood StarLeather Star
Rose StarSpiny Pink StarSunflower Sea Star
Rainbow StarSlime StarLeather Star
Sunflower StarBasket Star Feeding
Basket StarBasket Starstarfish
starfishFalse Ochre StarSun Star
Starfish on the WallOchre StarStarfish
Ochre StarStarfishEqual Arm Star
Sea StarSea StarSea Star
Sea StarStars on the PilingsSea Star
Rose StarfishSea StarSea Star
Starfish on the WallStarfish
Leather StarBaby Sun StarStarfish
Sun Star TextureStarfishSlime Star
Tube FeetLeather StarSea Star
Many Many StarsStar and UrchinsBrittle Stars
Sea StarSun Star's Tube FeetSea Star
Bat StarBrittle StarSea Star
Sun StarLeather StarTide Pool Exhibit
Spiny Sea StarEqual Arm Sea StarSea Star
Sunflower Star TextureSea StarOchre Sea Star
Sea StarSunflower Sea StarSunflower Sea Star
Ochre Sea StarMottled Sea StarOchre Sea Star
Leather StarPink Short Spined Sea StarSea Star
Vermillion Sea Star (Equal Arm Star)Purple Urchins and a Stimpson's Sun Star

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