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Echinoderms are a phylum of marine animals with tube feet globally distributed in almost all depths, latitudes and environments within the ocean and have no freshwater or terrestrial representatives. Many posess a remarkable ability to regenerate body parts. They are commonly known as sea stars (aka: starfish), sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sand dollars and crinoids, (aka: sea lilies or feather-stars).

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of particular types of Echinoderms. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

California Sea CucumberSunflower Sea StarSunstar under the wharf
Blood StarPedestal CucumberSea Cucumber
Green UrchinOrange Sea CucumberMottled Sea Star
Blood StarLeather StarRose Star
Spiny Pink StarSunflower Sea StarRainbow Star
Slime StarLeather StarCalifornia Sea Cucumber
Sunflower StarBasket Star Feeding
Basket StarBasket Starstarfish
starfishCucumber FeedingFalse Ochre Star
Sun StarStarfish on the WallOchre Star
White CucumbersStarfishUrchin
Ochre StarGreen UrchinWhite Cucumber
Cucumber FeedingRed Sea Urchins among friendsUrchin
StarfishGreen UrchinEqual Arm Star
California Sea CucumberSea StarSea Star
Sea StarSea StarStars on the Pilings
Sea StarUrchinGreen Urchin
Rose StarfishSea StarSea Star
Starfish on the WallStarfishWhite Urchin
Cucumber Vent
Cucumbers FeedingLeather StarBaby Sun Star
StarfishSun Star TextureStarfish
Slime StarTube FeetSea Cucumber
Leather StarSea StarMany Many Stars
Star and UrchinsSea UrchinsImmer's Urchin
Urchins and CucumbersCalifornia Sea CucumberUrchin
Purple UrchinSea UrchinBed of Sea Urchins
Sea UrchinsWhite Sea Cucumbers FeedingWhite Sea Cucumber
Brittle StarsSea StarSun Star's Tube Feet
Feeding CucumberGreen Sea UrchinSea Star
Sea UrchinWhite Sea Cucumber FeedingUrchin
Cucumber FeetCucumberBat Star
CucumberBrittle StarSea Star
Small CucumberSun StarLeather Star
Tide Pool ExhibitSpiny Sea StarWhite Sea Cucumber
California Sea CucumberEqual Arm Sea StarSea Star
Sunflower Star TextureCucumberSea Star
Ochre Sea StarSea StarSunflower Sea Star
Sunflower Sea StarOchre Sea StarMottled Sea Star
CucumberSea CucumberCalifornia Sea Cucumber
Ochre Sea StarWhite Sea UrchinLeather Star
Pink Short Spined Sea StarGiant Red Sea CucumberCalifornia Sea Cucumber
Sea UrchinsSea StarVermillion Sea Star (Equal Arm Star)
Purple Urchins and a Stimpson's Sun Star


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