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Photo Gallery



A large group of primarily marine anthropods possessing a hard exoskeleton or shell which must be shed in order for the animal to grow. Familiar species commonly encountered while SCUBA diving include crab, lobster, shrimp, crayfish and barnacles.

Select from the dropdowns above to see photos of particular types of Crustaceans. Click on a photo for more details and larger views.

Blade shrimpPS King crabs, 1 before molting and 1 afterPuget Sound king crab
Puget Sound king crabRed Rock CrabKelp Crab
Coonstripe ShrimpHeart Crab
Heart CrabUmbrella CrabScaled Crab, Placetron wosnessenskii
Sharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)Kelp CrabPuget Sound King Crab
Foliate Kelp Crab, Mimulus foliatusCandy-stripe shrimpCandy-stripe shrimp
Tiny Puget Sound King CrabShrimpCoonstriped Shrimp
Young Puget Sound King Crabhermit crab
Kelp CrabJuvenile Puget Sound King CrabPuget Sound King Crab
Candy Stripe ShrimpSquat LobsterShrimp
Squat LobsterSmall crab on ReefPS King Crab
Giant BarnaclePygmy Rock CrabCrab
Giant BarnacleKelp CrabDungeness Crab
Coonstriped ShrimpHelmet CrabPea Crab
Hermit CrabHermit CrabSpot Shrimp
Puget Sound King CrabPygmy Rock CrabSquat Lobsters
Heart CrabBlack-eyed Hermit CrabShrimp
Hermit CrabsKelp CrabTodd with a crawdad at the dock
Red Rock CrabDecorator CrabPuget Sound King Crab
Puget Sound King CrabGiant Barnacle
Butterfly CrabButterfly CrabRock Crab
Decorator CrabCrabShrimp
Puget Sound King CrabPuget Sound King CrabJuvenile Puget Sound King Crab
Puget Sound King CrabPygmy Rock CrabPuget Sound King Crab
Rock Crab Intercourse!Gooseneck BarnaclesHermit Crab
Red Rock CrabDungeness CrabHome Sweet Barnacle
Rock CrabUmbrella CrabUmbrella Crab
Hermit CrabHeart CrabKelp Crab
Goose Neck BarnaclesGoose Neck BarnaclesHeart Crab
Odd Looking CrabKelp CrabSharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)
Graceful CrabRed Rock CrabShrimp
ShrimpRed Rock CrabShrimp on a Sea Pen
Hermit Crab BuddiesShrimpShrimp
BarnacleButtelfly CrabButterfly Crab
Hermit Crab Eyes! Weird CrabOdd Looking Crab
Close-Up of BarnacleLoads of Kelp CrabRed Rock Crab
Squat LobsterCoonstripe ShrimpSharpnose Crab (Scyra acutifrons)
Candy Stripped ShrimpSpot ShrimpKelp Crab
Puget Sound King CrabHermit Crab in Belize Hermit Crab
Kelp CrabSpot PrawnCrawdad
Red Rock CrabBarnacles

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